I've Flipped for ATC's

Today's post is another little ATC. I'm just having a blast with these little cards. The stamps are from The Cat's Pajamas summer line. I just love these adorable little flip flops. Cardstock is Bashful Blue and Chocolate Chip and is Cuttlebugged with the D'Vine Swirls folder. I added a little Diamond Glaze/Glitter mixture to the flip flops and around the Super Jumbo Scallop Oval. Easy, breezy, beautiful! LOL!

Okay, so I'll leave you with some mindless fun for the weekend. Lots of people have been doing this NEEDS thing on their blogs, and it's pretty funny so I had to check it out. Basically I googled "Julee needs" and then took the top 10 links and listed what I need. Evidently there's something I should know, because a few of these had a common theme!

  1. Julee needs money to jump-start her business. (How True!!!) LOL!
  2. Julee needs a sports field because she's concerned about providing youth a place to play soccer. (I'm a little more concerned about providing youth with a good education than a soccer field, but I'm all for sports, too.)
  3. Julee needs maternity clothing. (Um, not that I know of!)
  4. Julee needs real estate in Sacremento. (That would be SWEET! Then I could pop in and stamp with Lisa - I heard she has a hot tub!)
  5. Julee needs to conserve energy. (Yes, I expend it faster than I can make it!)
  6. Julee needs to have everything lined up in a row. (This is EERILY true! I have to have things symmetrical.)
  7. The world needs more of Julee. (Oh, yeah!!!)
  8. Julee needs to finish the dad-blasted GINGER project. (I have NO IDEA what that is and was too scared to click the link!)
  9. Julee needs an OBGYN in Kentucky. (Hmmm... never been to Kentucky.)
  10. Julee needs a Baby CD for her delivery. (Again with the maternity? Julee's all over the world must be having babies!)


  1. Your ATC is so cute! I also like the "I need" section. I am going to try that and see what Google comes up with:)

  2. Very cute! The ATCs are so much fun to make

  3. I love your ATC! And your "needs"...lol um, you thing you should make a trip to the drug store? ;)

  4. I love that stamp! I LOVE your work.

  5. Adorable ATC...as always.

    And Julee...do you have yet ANOTHER great announcement to make?????? HHHHmmmmmmm?

  6. Love the ATC! The "I need" section was too cute! Hmmm- I saw a definite trend there. Don't mean to keep personal BUT your new business venture might be just the thing to jump start Murphy's Law. Are you craving ice cream & pickles- teeheehee!

  7. What a cute ATC! I love the color! ;)

  8. Love the homemade stickles, Julee -- these ATC's are a ton of fun. Are you doing any for a Baby Shower???

    Google came up with fun stuff for a Julie with an "ie" instead of two ee's -- and Thank God it didn't include baby stuff... but it did include a link about better parenting! My kids would love that... and another one that was a lovely, sappy tribute to a wife, which was very affirming.

  9. How cute! The smaller punches are next on my list. Unless I break down and buy some spellbinders dies. Hmmmm.

  10. That's dang funny. I love it when "SacrAmento" gets misspelled on the internet.... LOL! C'mon over.... I'll warm up the hot tub! LOL!

    I LOVE ATC's! I brought about 35 home from Convention with me!


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