My Story

Hi friends, new and old! I’m so glad you’re here. If you don’t know me, I’m Julee, an equally left-brained/right-brained lover of both art and geekery. I’m plagued with perfectionistic tendencies and extreme shyness and here is where I attempt to set those things to
rest, if only for a moment.

I grew up in a small town and would love a simple, quiet life with lots of colored things to line up in a rainbow. However, after 15 years of quiet, the Lord decided to entrust my husband and I with the care of extremely energetic identical twin boys. They’ve turned our once quiet home into bustling, raucous chaos and have grown our hearts 3 times bigger than we ever dreamed possible. 

What used to be my “life” is now just what I do in my spare time (which there is precious little of)… try to keep up with running my one woman stamp company (Verve Stamps), dabble with crafty stuff and post my creations here, and provide crafty inspiration in the form of card sketches at Mojo Monday and Viva la Verve.

I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be an artist. In fact, at a young age I was told I didn’t have any artistic aptitude.  So I ended up getting the practical business administration degree my parents wanted me to have and steered clear of any art classes. But I loved making cards… before I discovered stamping, I would cut images from coloring books and magazines and make cards with construction paper and glue.

Stamping opened up a whole new world to me. It allowed me to feel like an artist, without the fear of failure, since the stamps were created by “real” artists. I’d stamp in the evenings after work and then through the gentle nudging of my husband, I discovered web and graphic design, and taught myself what I needed to know to switch careers. After years of being overworked and underappreciated in the corporate setting, I decided to take a little breather, stumbled across Splitcoaststampers, and started a brand new love affair with stamping, eventually illustrating my own stamps and starting Verve!

So this blog is where I share my creative soul with the world. And on this little blog, in between the hustle and bustle of life, every once in a while there's a little nugget of clarity that comes forth... a blending of poetry and art.
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