Celebrate February with a little BLOG CANDY!

February is finally here!!! Years ago I read about a woman that celebrates the first day of every month like it's a birthday. The entire day is about her and celebrating this journey we call life. Pretty cool, huh? For some reason, that just struck a chord with me... I have so many things worth celebrating in my life. So today I'm celebrating life, love and art. Here are just a few of my reasons to celebrate...

  • I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend and appreciates and encourages my stamping hobby/addiction.

  • I am (for now) able to stay at home and enjoy the afternoon sun streaming in on my face as I craft to my heart's content.

  • I have met so many wonderful stampers and friends through SCS who inspire me and keep me coming back for more.

  • VSN (Virtual Stamp Night) starts tomorrow!!! :)

Do you want to celebrate with me? Do ya, do ya? What better way to celebrate than with some BLOG CANDY!? Remember this little old lunch box from a few posts back? Just leave a comment on this post telling me your reasons for celebrating life are and I'll pick a random winner on Monday. The winner will receive this box filled with some stamping goodies!!!

Now on to the project of the day. Since I'm celebrating I wanted to make something more than just a card today. When I read that the Ways To Use It challenge on SCS was to use sanding blocks, the first thing I thought of was this coaster gift box project that was in the SCS newsletter a few weeks back. I used the tutorial by Taylor VanBruggen.

To begin I cut five 4x4" squares of the BoBunny Valentine paper and ran them through my Xyron. Then I stuck them on my lightweight coasters (I got mine from Stampinsilvia) and sanded the edges with a sanding block. Next I applied a thin coat of modpodge over the coasters, because I was worried that sanding the edges might cause the paper not to stick as well. With my Crop-a-dile I punched 5 holes in each side of 4 of the coasters and then tied them together with red, turquoise, black and pink grosgrain ribbon. I used some UHU glue I got as a freebie and am testing (look for a future review) to adhere the bottom coaster to the others. Next I used Glue Lines all around the top and bottom of the box to adhere some turquoise ric-rac.

I stamped Cupid Sprinkle (The Cat's Pajamas) in Black Stazon on Whisper White paper and colored with my pink Stardust gel pen. Next I cut Cupid out with my Creative Memories Oval Cutting system and dotted around the edge with my black glaze pen. Also used my green glaze pen to give Cupid her sexy green eyes! :) Next I layered onto a Real Red Mega Scalloped oval and a Basic Black Giga scalloped oval (with holes punched in the scallops with my 1/16" punch) and stuck on the box with foam squares. I then stamped the Medium Heart Circle in Regal Rose (stamped off once) on Whisper White and then stamped Lovestruck in Black Stazon through the center. Cut out circles with my Creative Memories Circle Cutting System and glued to the corner of the Sprinkle oval with UHU tape runner. Finally I cut three hearts out of the leftover BoBunny paper, highlighted them with Coffee Ice Stickles and stuck them on the box using different heights of pop dots. Inside the box I put a bag of Hershey nuggets into a Valentine cello bag and tied with BoBunny ribbon. The perfect Valentine for my sweetie! :)


  1. this is absolutely adorable - i love it! You did a wonderful job! Oh and what AMAZING blog candy! I would have to say my reason would be my hubby, three daughters and my amazing family - also being healthy and able to hold down a full-time job to support my stamping addiction lol

  2. Another Sprinkle! So cute...

    The things I am happy for would be a supportive and hard-working husband, two super kids who, although crazy, are a lot of fun for everyone, a nice group of friends, and finally an interest I enjoy (my first hobby ever!) and don't seem to tire of!

  3. MacKenzie BrucklerFebruary 2, 2007 at 1:33 AM

    LOVE the lunch box! I'm thankful that my wonderful husband has made it possible for me to be a stay at home mom. I just love being able to help out in my son's classroom. I'm also thank ful that my husband is supportive on my little stamping/scrapping obsession!

  4. Hmmmm....things that make life worth celebrating? I am happily married (going on 9 years) to the love of my life. I have two rambunctious and healthy little boys and wonderful friends that always lift me up. I also have an interesting job that pays me well and has excellent benefits. Life couldn't be sweeter!

    Love your blog candy and really LOVE that coaster box!



  5. GREAT Job on your blog - I LOVE all your projects.
    My reason for celebrating life - being a cancer survivor (& losing a sister to cancer) I LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST.
    Little things like a hug, words of "I Love You!" are more meanful than something monetary!!!

  6. Why am I celebrating? Let's see.... I too have a wonderful and supportive hubby who is COMING HOME THIS WEEKEND for THREE DAYS! Like you, I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home, giving me more flexibility with my craft time. I have an adorable cat who worships the ground I walk on. OK, so she just worships my opposable thumbs. I got to have lunch with my two best (local) girlfriends this week PLUS I lost a little weight! It was a good week!

  7. I love the lunch box! My reason would be my wonderful husband and daughter for both my husband and I still being employed through the rough econmical times in Michigan.

  8. I love the lunch box! My reason would be my wonderful husband and daughter for both my husband and I still being employed through the rough econmical times in Michigan.
    Oops I left my previous message as anonymous.

  9. I wanna celebrate with ya!! *pouring the champange* hee hee
    What delish designs you have up today!!
    Oh yeah...what am I thankful for?
    My Family (hubby and kids)
    My Mended Relationship with my mom
    My Cyber Sisters (luv ya all)
    My Room Full of Rubah! (like duh!)
    Okay so, I'm a goof! Just remember you asked!! Bwahahaha

  10. I'm happy and thankful for my dear little girl. She just turned two, and she's just a little joy. (When she's not in the midst of a tantrum! LOL) For a few years there we thought we'd never have a baby, so we are especially grateful to have her as part of our lives!

  11. Just found your blog today thanks to a link on Stampalicious. I am happy that I found a hobby that makes my heart happy 10+ years ago... a hobby that can grow and evolve as I grow and change.

  12. What an adorable little lunch box! I am happy to have a loving and supportive husband; a good job in the automotive business in Michigan and lots of wonderful SCS friends that are my inspiration!

  13. My reasons for celebrating life are family & friends. I'm very grateful for all of the relationships in my life.

    Thank you for such an awesome give away!

  14. You have a great blog.... very cute lunchbox. I am very happy to have a supportive husband and loving family.

  15. I am happy for my husband and 3 great kids, my health and my good fortune to find the world of stampers and scrappers.

  16. I also have a very supportive hubby too, I have even sweet talked him into making awesome ribbon holders! I love you blog candy that is too sweet! Make sure you bookmark my blog as I do blog candy too & one day it will be a HUGE one;) Have an awesome weekend!!!

  17. Ohhh, I love that coaster box. I am making some with my sister and mom tomorrow and I will definitely show them yours as inspiration. I am happy for my whole family being happy and healthy and together. They are my whole world, well that and stamping :)!

    Thanks for the fun blog!
    Geny C.

  18. so many things to celebrate, it is difficult to pick one. I have the best family and job. I also feel lucky to have my own craft studio to release some of my creativity in!

  19. I celebrate my life because of my hubby and daughter.....plus...we are trying for another little one.....love your blog by the way....

  20. I had a doctor tell me I had a non-survivable cancer in 1998. He was totally wrong in his diagnosis-I didnt have cancer but perforating ulcers. What makes me want to live is so I can tell others not to take no for the only answer. If I hadnt questioned, I might have died-but from something totally different and very treatable.

  21. Kimmie (kimreid_stamper on SCS)February 3, 2007 at 6:39 AM

    Just want to say that your blog is lovely and your cards are stunning!! Don't know how I've missed it before!!
    Anyway, my reasons for celebrating life are not very original, I'm sure. But my beautiful daughter, Emileigh is #1 on my list! She is 15 years old and is God's miracle to me and gives me strength. Everything I hope to be, I see in her eyes!
    Thanks for making me stop and remember that kinda stuff when life gets oh so busy!! Have a wonderful day!!

  22. Oooooo! Love the coaster box! Totally cute!
    My reason would my husband (42 years - yikes!) & two children. Blessings galore!

  23. I just found your blog and I love it. I am adding you to my favorites to check every day. I am thanksful for my wonderful DH, my fantastic kids and my absolutely awesome 5 grandkids who are my greatest rewards in life. Thanks

  24. I love your wonderful projects & your blog. The Blog Candy is amazing, I love the lunch box.

    I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful son (he's 21) and is my pride and joy. He has always made me proud to be his mother.
    I have a wonderful, supportive family who has been there for me since my 2003 car accident left me unable to work.
    For my wonderful new stamping friends who have encouraged and inspired me to be a better stamper.
    For finding this wonderful hobby which has helped me keep my sanity during this stage of my life.
    I have so much to be thankful for.

  25. I just found your blog and I'm loving it. It's going into my favorites so I can visit daily. The little lunch box is just too cute and I love your coaster box.
    I'm thankful for my good health, family, friends and 2 beautiful granddaughters.

  26. Love your blog and love blog candy

    I am thankful for being healthy, for having a hardworking husband and for having three beautiful and lively little girls who make life worth getting up to in the morning, even when they are ill!!!

  27. Thanks for sharing your goodies. I celebrate life because I am deeply thankful and don't want to waste a minute!


  28. My reasons for celebrating are the people who are in my life. My family, and friends and my boyfriend. I am so grateful for them and hope I give them as much emotionally as they provide for me. Thanks for the chance to win your creation!

  29. followed Stampalicious over here :)
    what a great coasterbox! you did the best job I have seen so far! wow!!
    great blog candy!
    happiness comes from so many places for me..
    my kids and their giggles... when they make me giggle... their wit and wisdom...
    my dh- his hardworking so I can be a SAHM for my kids and rocking babies when my arms are worn out!
    my mom for helping out when she knows I need a duplicate of me! lol!

  30. This is my first visit to your blog and into my favorites it goes! I love your work! I am happy for my fantastic family. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids. I am thankful for our good health and a roof over our heads. Christine

  31. Celebrating because I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, two healthy daughters and and a life filled with faith, family and friends.

  32. That little lunch box is so sweet!! And LIFE is sweet!! When I took my son to ps on friday, I met another mom who is mid 30's w/ 3 little ones and she's has had a stroke!! Can't drive, has trouble speaking!! I drove away thanking GOD for my health!!!! Even when I think I have it touph, there is someone else who has it worse!! AMEN!!

    SS, Hillsboro OR

  33. Such a cute lunchbox! I will have to jump on the bandwagon and say that my family and friends definitely make life worth celebrating. Thanks!

  34. Every day I can wake up and get each of my kids out of their beds and hug them and kiss them, I am thankful!!! Life is so short and every day is a blessing! My children are my everyday blessing! And while my blessings sleep, I stamp! :)

    Have a great night! Lisa Keeffe

  35. Things that make life worth celebrating...hmmm. Well, the new pretty papers from Basic Grey have me so excited! Hehehe. On a non-material note, my friends...those who are near and those who are far. Hoping to see some who are far sometime soon! =) Thank you for this generous and yummy giveaway!

  36. I celebrate people, a smile shared can brighten their day and your day. I love the way children learn and how they think. To see the world through their eyes is marvelous. I love doing something nice for someone and expect nothing in return, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


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