Mojo Madness Winners & Slide Show

This month's Mojo Madness Honors go to...

Deb N. of Paper, Ink, Scissors & Stamps for this wild little number. I love all the different elements on this card. There's so much to look at , but it all looks cohesive and definitely takes a walk on the wild side. Just marvelous, Deb!

Nancy R. of iSTAMP for this mojolicious card. This card is just beautiful. I love the way she did the ribbon with the side embellishment, and the hardware really seemed to be the perfect accent to this elegant baby boy card. Every detail looks well thought out and classy.

So, congrats Deb and Nancy!!! Email me your addresses and your choice of Verve Visual stamp set and I'll get your goodies on their way! Thanks everyone for playing, I love seeing your work! The judging was SO HARD this week. With so many fabulous entries, I definitely have to weed out some fantastic cards on technicalities during the judging process. Generally, sketches should be used as inspiration, and you should feel free to go wherever you want to with them. If you've read my blog for long, you know that I am rarely able to follow a sketch to a T. However if you're looking to win the contest, being true to the sketch is important. Here's a few tips for keeping your card in the running...

  • Be sure to be on time with your upload.
  • Be true to the sketch. If one panel drops below another panel, make sure that your card does the same. Some movement is allowed (you can flip the sketch and turn it into a square, and slightly move pieces to accommodate the size of your image), but for instance, on this sketch, centering the two panels vertically on each other or moving the horizontal band so it is positioned further down than the top panel significantly changes the sketch, and therefore disqualified some entries.
  • Include all major pieces of the sketch. Unless a piece says it's optional, every part of the sketch should be included in your card.
  • Link a good sized photo with good lighting. If I can't see it, I can't choose it.

Don't forget to check out all of the fantastic entries in the slide show below. They're truly stunning.

NOTE: If you get a message that says no photos found, please hit the refresh button on your browser or the F5 function key on your keyboard, and hopefully it will reload with the pictures!


  1. Oh Julee, this is so very exciting! Thank you for choosing my card for the contest and for all your nice comments! Time to choose a Verve Visual stamp set! WOOHOO !!!!!

    btw ... your great sketches make it easy!!! Thanks!

  2. WOW, what GORGEOUS stuff this week!
    Congrats to the winners!
    How did you ever pick just 2?!!

  3. These are both very cool cards! I've been out for a while...and can't wait to get back in the stamping mode...congrats to the winners! They are awesome!!

  4. Wowza, I'm floored; what a honor!!!! Thanks so much for picking my card and for your sweet comments!

    Now I'm off to pick out one of your amazing stamp sets; that's gonna be harder than making the card was!!

    ~Hugs & many thanks, Deb

  5. WOW! I think that is the best slide show for MM I've seen yet!
    Not one card that I didn't think was a winner!
    Great job everyone.
    Julee, I don't know how you picked! :)

  6. Congrats to both the winners! I so enjoy doing these sketches each week! Thanks Julee for always supplying such fun sketches!

  7. A sincere CONGRATS to both!! The are both fabulous cards!!

    I had not seen Nancy's card--but Deb's was my absolute favorite that I had seen!!

  8. Congrats to the winners...Deb and Nancy !

  9. I am determined to get my ideas for that last sketch on to paper if it KILLS ME!! Keep an eye out for them!!

    I so loved all the entries but I think Elvis was hilarious!!

    Happy Tax DAY!!


  10. Congratulations to the winners, your cards rock!

    Jennifer :)


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