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Hey everyone! How's your Wednesday? I woke up to the sound of barking. We live in a really quiet neighborhood, and although many of the neighbors have dogs we're lucky enough to rarely hear them bark. That being said, there is one dog behind us that every once in a while will get a bee in his bonnet and bark himself hoarse. I don't even know how he can breathe, he's so insistent and it's just a constant barking for hours and HOURS on end. And it gets on my LAST nerve! LOL! Anyways, when I can hear it through my silicone noise cancelling earplugs and with two pillows over my head, I get a bit cranky! Now, just as I finished typing that last sentence, he stopped! Hooray! Ah, the beauty of silence! He knows just the right way to remind me why I am a cat lover and don't have a barker of my own! LOL!

So in honor of my renewed love for my feline friends, I'm showing you a card from The Cat's Pajamas today! Can you believe it's almost St. Patrick's Day? Seems like just yesterday I was making all those Christmas cards I never got around to sending! LOL! I love making St. Patrick's Day cards. There's something so festive about shamrocks and an excuse to use shades of green that are all but relegated to collecting dust the rest of the year!

I created my shamrock using one of the hearts from the Be Still, My Beating Heart clearly swanky set. I stamped them in Versafine Onyx Black and then colored with Copic markers. Next I used my Copics to draw in a stem, and then stamped down the stem with the tiny asterisk like stamp from the set. I then outlined the image in gray to give it a little depth. The panel is cut and embossed with a classic Rectangle die and matted on a Scallop Rectangle (Nestabilities). The patterned paper is from Reminisce and is matted with black card stock. For the sentiment You're in Luck, I first swiped a little green with my Copic marker where I wanted the Luck to end up and then used my Stamp-a-majig to line up my sentiment. I then matted with a scallop rectangle punch and finished off the card with some piercing accents in two corners. I love the layout of this card. Simple and clean, with just a little funk. I don't often use a lot of white space on my cards, but it can be a very effective way of making simple images "pop".

Okay that's it for today! Hope you have a happy, quiet, bark-free day! :)


  1. Great card! I have a corned beef in the crockpot as we "speak"! LOL!

    We have a barker behind us, but only when he hears sirens and then he barks up to a HOWL! LOL! The little puntable next door barks her head off at me every time I make a noise, but if I look over the fence, she RUNS FOR HER LIFE. Cracks me up! When she barks at me, she barks so hard all 4 paws come up off the ground.... LOL!

  2. FYI.....I tried this shamrock idea about a month ago w/ the heart from Wild Thing....lets just say it was less than desirable!!

    Did someone say D-O-G?? I am sooo not a dog person....we are surrounded by Dogs.....and get this....the house behind us used to have a poodle named.....you guessed it .....SHIRLEY and the old lady would come to the back porch and holler as loud as should could...."Shiiiiirrllleeeeeey, come 'ere girl....shiiiiiirleeeey"

    I thought I would loose my mind!!

    Yes, I agree....March is a wonderful time for GREEN!! I have a cousin whose b-day is the 17th, must get a cute one ready for him!!



    PS WHAT is a "puntalbe"??? bwaaaahaha

  3. Enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing.

    I just have to say I can SO relate to your dog barking episode. We have not one but TWO barkers in the backyard behind us. It gets on my last nerve, too. This weekend I couldn't hear MY girls playing in the backyard for all the noise they were making. Yup, the city got a call about that one. The people who live there obviously don't care because the time we told them about it, they said, yea, we know.

    I hope you have a bark-free rest of your day!

  4. I love my dog, cause she has never barked once in her life!! My husband has hunting dogs in the back yard, and when it is just the older dogs they stay pretty quiet, but when there are puppies, I rarely ever leave the house. I am so embarrased by the noise they make, I don't want to run into any of my neighbors!! They have never said anything, so I guess that is a perk of living in the country!!
    LOVE your card by the way!! I wanted to make a shamrock card for my MIL, but don't have any, I am going to have to give this a try!!

  5. This is so cute! Love it! TFS and have a great day! :)

  6. How very clever!!! Love the hearts for the shamrock...I'm gonna have to pull my punch out and give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration! {{SMILES}}

  7. This card is 100% delightful, Julee! I'm definitely going to have to try this with that set!!

    I am a dog person, I have to say! And sometimes Gretel (my German Shepherd) does get a bit barky when out in the yard especially if its early in the a.m. -- she's wanting to get back in her comfy bed which is right beside my nightstand. I always cringe and run to let her in when this happens so my neighbors won't want to pelt me with rocks & garbage the next time they see me... so far, no peltings! BTW -- and this is on the QT -- you'll be able to see Gretel in rubber one day very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!!! : )

  8. Awesome card.
    I agree March is a great mth for green as well.
    I have a nephew, who's b/d is on the 17th.Mine is on the 19th.
    Did I mention I have a twin sis.
    I may lift that idea for a couple of cards!!

  9. Laura (scrapnextras)March 13, 2008 at 3:11 PM

    Love the green! Love the way you did your sentiment with "Luck" in green. Cute card!

  10. Great card!

    We can't wait for our Irish dinner! The kids love it and don't understand why we only have it once a year.

  11. This is wonderful....the colours are so vibrant. Joan


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