Glitter Glutton

I am such a glitter glutton. LOL! I just think everything's better with glitter, and that was definitely the case for this card. I made this as a double challenge card. The sketch was from Colleen's Thursday Throwdown last week and it also fits the Caardvark's Lucky 7 challenge from yesterday. I started by stamping Stampendous Changito and coloring with Prismacolors and Gamsol. I then did a light shadow around him with a Tombow light grey marker. I sketched a frame, stamped Good Luck from one of the All Year Cheer sets and then matted on various scraps of Crate Paper (Cowboy and Orange Crush Collections) and added a little Chocolate Chip. All of the layers except the base and the image are Cuttlebugged with the Dots and Spots embossing folder. For some reason my monkeys always end up askew on my cards. They just look too mischevious to go straight! :) To finish off I went crazy with my homemade mixture of JudiKins Diamond Glaze and Dazzling Diamonds. I used a small watercolor brush to paint each one of the dots and spots with the mixture to give it that special sparkle I love!

Today I go in for my consultation for my dreaded oral surgery. Since one of my wisdom teeth is crumbling, I was no longer able to procrastinate and am scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed TOMORROW! So soon, EGADS! I feel like I haven't had time to prepare myself mentally! Be sure and send happy thoughts my way, because I already feel the panic attack starting!!!

Today's Bingo Numbers:
O75 {Daily Pick}
N45 {Courtesy of Julie}
G56 {Courtesy of AJ}
O62 {Courtesy of Dottie}
B3 {Courtesy of Dottie}
G53 {Courtesy of Beth}
O68 {Courtesy of Beth}
N42 {Courtesy of Cindy}
N37 {Courtesy of Robin}
I29 {Courtesy of Barb}
G52 {Courtesy of Niki}
N32 {Courtesy of Ida}
O67 {Courtesy of Karrie}
B5 {Courtesy of Nancy}
B1 {Courtesy of Tess}

Be sure and scroll down to the next post to see the winner of the Blogger Bingo Sketch #2 challenge and a slide show of all the fabulous entries. You gals are some rockin' cardstresses!


  1. That is such a cute card! I love the PP and the color combo with that monkey. It is so fun and cheerful. Definitely what you need prior to your surgery. I'll have a good thought for you tomorrow! About, glitter... I caught my 3-year-old trying to open my jar of Dazzling Diamonds. I said "Rachel put that down," and her reply was (as she spilled it on my work table) "Mommy, I just can't put down the sparkles." Couldn't get too mad, I just can't put down the sparkles either. Again, thinking of you tomorrow. Take care!

  2. Oooh, nice textures, hysterical monkey stamp, and really fun LO.
    Way to go!

    I'ms so sorry about your wisdom teeth removal surgery, I am sending good vibes your way. I had it done a few months ago near my BD and the recovery was awful.

    Here's my latest take on your sketch:

  3. Love those monkeys! Good luck with teh wisdom teeth surgery - the first day is the worst, but it does get better. It sound slike you are probably in quite a bit of pain now, so this can only get better. Plus, it will give you a chance to relax a bit (and have an excuse for not doing anything :-). Sending warm fuzzies your way!

  4. Such an adorable card. I love that monkey stamp and he looks great in all that glitter. Good Luck with your surgery and hope you'll feel better soon. Just take care of yourself for a few days.

  5. Of course everything is better with glitter!!!

    Hope you're doing ok today. I'll be thinkin about ya!

  6. Such a cute card and you are right the monkey's are too mischevious to go straight.

  7. Hey - when it makes things look that good - it's ok to be a glutten sometimes!

    Here's my card for today:

  8. Love the card.

    Ugh! Wisdom teeth. DH, DD & DS have all have theirs out. Lucky me - I never had any! Either I'm very dumb or very smart - no don't answer that! LOL

  9. Good luck with the wisdom teeth! My hubby just had a tooth that was crumbling removed this spring. Sore for a couple days, but then he felt so much better. Hope everything goes smoothly for you! When you've recovered, could I please get a bingo card? I may be to late for this game, but then I'll be ready for the next one. :) I tried emailing, but I don't know if it went through.

  10. Hey Julee, (I am a bit more awake now) I just love this card...I was wondering how you got the background all idea to mix them.

    Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth...I know all about tooth pain. I cracked a tooth about a month ago and refused to go in. I had my 6 month cleaning on Tuesday and found out I will have to have root canal on the tooth...(my 4th one...) Baby if for all it is worth...lots of popsicles and ice cream!

  11. I'll be thinking of you in the tooth department. On my latest tag you probably read how much I love the dentist. I have had all 4 removed (not until they were seriously impacted and absessed). It actually isn't that bad, if you ignore the noise they definitely give you enough drugs that you won't feel anything. Great excuse to have tons of ice cream and milkshakes! Love your little monkey!

  12. This is adorable as always!! You Rock!! I have this little guy on order.Chris

  13. Love your card. All that texture is great. I'll be thinking of you this weekend. Just keep pumping those meds.

  14. Wishing you a good trip to the denist! OK I wish you as little pain as possible.

  15. Your monkey card is sooo cute! I just love that little guy! Awesome!

  16. girl scout chick aka LindaJuly 13, 2007 at 7:41 AM

    I feel for you as I usually have panic attacks before big oral surgery stuff. But it will be fine; you will be so numb you won't feel any pain. Just be sure to take those pain pilss for a while and don't drink from a straw. That causes a dry socket and they are very painful. Love your monkey card. He is very cute. Linda


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