Serve One Another

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Hi friends! I'm popping in today to share a little home decor piece I made during my release prep last week. I had stamped the verse and hearts for the card I shared over on the Verve Blog on Sunday (photo at the bottom of this post). While I was deciding on layout, I flipped through the Office Suite paper pad that had the paper I was using for my card and my heart skipped a beat when I came to a page with a map of the US. I just knew I wanted to use this verse on that map, as it totally depicted what was on my heart when I included this verse in the set. So much division, so much strife, so many hurting hearts. If we could all just come together and serve one another in LOVE the world would be a much better place for our littles to grow up in.

Since the verse and hearts from Scripture Medley 5 were still in my MISTI, I just inked them up and stamped directly onto the patterned paper. The paper design was 6" wide, and I didn't want to cut it down to fit a card, since that would cut into the design too much (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). I decided to frame it to fit a rustic 4 x 6" frame I've been saving. Except when I went to the closet it used to be in, all I found was kids games!  We recently converted our guest bedroom into a playroom for the boys and the process was such a whirlwind I have no idea where I put all the things that used to reside there! LOL  So I decided I would mat it on a 5 x 7" panel of cardstock and repurpose one of the frames in my office.

But once I got to my office, my eyes landed on this little aqua photo keeper I keep on my desk. I often place my favorite cards here for a few weeks after I make them, then rotate them out when the next thing sparks my joy. The panel fit perfectly and I love the look of it! Almost as if I had planned it from the start! Super easy, but a nice reminder to pray for our Nation and to lend a helping hand whenever I see a need.

Here's the card that inspired this piece...

Speaking of seeing a need. A dear friend of the family who we've known for over 20 years wrote these words on her Facebook page yesterday. Her husband is fighting for his life. A few weeks ago his car was stopped in traffic on the road and he was hit by a car going 60 miles an hour. He had some injuries, but they thought he was okay, so continued with their plans to go to Reno for their 20th anniversary celebration.  While there, he collapsed with back pain. He's been in the hospital ever since. He has a dissected descending aorta, which they think happened from the impact of the car wreck. Along with other organs failing, he's had one open heart surgery and is waiting indefinitely in the hospital to be strong enough to face the surgery to repair the dissection. Her words are hauntingly beautiful.

By Shannon Hannold:
To your loved ones, say I love you too often.
Memorize the colors and flecks in their eyes. 

Breathe in their smell. 
Hold hands and feel their heart beat. 
Kiss and hug often. 
Choose kindness and prefer them. 
Stay awake and listen to them breathe while they sleep.
Take in ever feature of their face, every freckle, blemish, smile line.
Marvel at the way they think and their individual mind.
Take every opportunity to make them smile or laugh.
Do these things in excess.
God gifts us with people to love and to experience these things with, for too little time.

If you feel led, prayers for this sweet family are much appreciated. There's also a gofund me account to help cover costs. He is unable to be moved home to California, so the family is currently staying in a hotel, and have all the costs associated with traveling as well as the beginning medical bills.

Enabler's List (frame)
Stamps: Scripture Medley 5 (Verve Stamps)
Paper: Office Suite (Fancy Pants), black, white
Ink: onyx black (Versafine), sea glass, warm sunrshine, rouge (Altenew)
Accessories: 5M56-57 DSW photo keeper (Parisian Homes), MISTI

Enabler's List (card)
Stamps: Scripture Medley 5 (Verve Stamps)
Paper: Office Suite (Fancy Pants), black, white
Ink: onyx black (Versafine), sea glass, warm sunrshine, rouge (Altenew)
Accessories: baker's twine, sunburst rhinestone (Darice), MISTI


Christine said...

Your card and Shannon's words resonate given the tragedies in Texas. Prayers for Shannon and for Harvey's victims.

JoAnn said...

Beautiful. I love the words and your layout on your project and your card. Yes, it does fit perfectly on the image of the U.S.
Prayers for Shannon and especially her husband. Thanks for sharing her words. They are so true. We just never know from day to day. Also, praying for Texas and Harvey's victims.

Purple Princess said...

Just beautiful and amazing