Treasures for Sale

Hi friends!  Today I'm popping in to let you know that I've started de-stashing my studio and have a bunch of my personal collection of stamps & dies listed on my For Sale page.  I'll be adding things periodically (but the way my crazy life is, I'm not sure how frequently). Right now I'm only listing things that are lightweight and inexpensive to ship.  I accept PayPal only and ship only to US addresses.

I wish I could keep everything (I'm a total collector), but I also feel guilty when things go unused.  When we moved into our new house preparing for the boys' arrival, I combined my studio and my work space into a space only about as big as my studio was before.  So things are a bit cramped and I've overflowed into the guest room closet, and the hall closet, and the boys' bathroom closet and am needing to reclaim some space!

So if you see something you'd like, shoot me an email.  All the deets are on the for sale page.  Oh, and please be patient, I only have child care a few afternoons a week, so it might take me a bit to get back to you.  :)  Thanks!


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