Viva la Verve!

Hey everyone! I haven't done any new stamping, but I did create this today...

If you haven't heard, we made a fresh new start with the Viva la Verve! challenges this year. Mostly it's the same...

  • Amber still posts a new fabulous sketch each week

  • There's still a twist - but it's a fresh new take on the twist.

  • You can still win an entire Verve Stamps release by participating in all the challenges for the month!

So really it's the same with a fresh new take on the twists. Every month this year we'll walk through a different room and every week Amber will bring you some inspiration pictures of different rooms. You can use these inspiration pictures in any way you want--a color combo, a texture, a style, anything your heart desires!

So using the weekly sketches, you'll create an inspired card based on one of the photos Amber provides. She'll also allow your own room to be your inspiration! Of course the only stipulation to this is that you must use the room we're walking-through for that month. Verve Stamps are NOT required, so play along with whatever you have and maybe you'll win some Verve of your very own!

I'm so excited about this new theme and it's already brought out some AMAZING cards for the first week's entries. This month's theme is foyers & entryways and here's the link to the Week 1 January sketch & beautiful inspiration photos. And, yes, that picture in the ad is actually of my very own entryway. It's just inside the front door, and my favorite part of the house (right before you hit the cardboard jungle of boxes that are always coming and going for Verve!). :) Here's a close-up, just don't look too close for dust and paw prints! The hello kitty figurine was sent to me from Amber - I just ADORE it! And the card and table runner were gifts from my dear friend, Shirley!

Okay, that's a wrap for today. If you haven't played along with Viva la Verve!, I sure hope you will. You have the entire month to submit your entries, so if you're busy one week, just make it up the next!

I'm already looking forward to the sketch and inspiration photos Amber will be posting tomorrow! Viva la Verve! :)


  1. I'm just admiring/drooling over the proclein Kitty you have in the picture. =^_^=

  2. Your foyer is gorgeous.....your new photo is stunning....and is that a new blog header??? Happy New Year!


  3. LOL! Julee! I just sent you an email asking if that was the Hello Kitty doll I sent you, lol! I saw this smaller graphic on the SCS and when I saved it, it was too small to tell! I love it! I think I need to buy myself one too:D

    Love the new banner and graphic, they're so gorgeous! I'm totally jealous of your living room, it's very JULEE (FABULOUS!)

    HUGS and smooches sweet girl!

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  5. aaawwww.....I'm honored that you still use the table runner!! I'm glad it matched your decor!!




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