The Plateau

Happy Wednesday! Have you ever noticed that right before you make a breakthrough things seem to plateau a bit? It's that way with exercise, with relationships, with business and definitely with creating. Sometimes you spend a long time in the plateau. At first it's comfortable, easy, no surprises. Then one day it starts growing into boredom, drudgery, discontent. It's not that anything is wrong, it's just that everything feels stagnant and stale. You try to push through, you push harder, but it just seems to take more effort than enjoyment to create something you're happy with. You trudge on, you contemplate giving up completely... and then one day the mojo just pours on and you blow past whatever hurdle is keeping you down.

I've seen this cycle many a time in my own creativity. And today I'd LIKE to say that I've just made a breakthrough and my mojo is on fire, but unfortunately I'm still on that plateau. I find myself wanting to stamp less, and work less and try new things and meet new people and have adventures. And those are good things. So I'm giving myself permission to not create if I don't want to, to not work if I don't have to, to meet new people and reach out to those I haven't had time for lately. I think it will be a good change. I think it will be a healthy change. I think it will spur me creatively to the next level, because I know the next level is right there ready to knock my socks off.

So my new craft projects will probably be less frequent here on the ole blog until I find my lost creativity. But if you miss me, I've finally given in to the dark side and joined Facebook. I I'm not here, you can probably find me over there. Friend me if you want, I'll friend you back - especially if you play Mafia Wars or Pirates (LOL)!

Today's card is a plateau card. It's nice, safe, easy, comfortable. Nothing earth shattering, but pretty all the same. But this card is actually going in the mail, which makes it beautiful. After all, the giving is why I started stamping in the first place. Thanks for stopping by!

What's in It?
Stamps: Because of You, Wishful Elegance (Verve Stamps)
Paper: Melon Mambo, Old Olive, Razzleberry Lemonade DSP (SU!)
Ink: Old Olive, Melon Mambo (SU!), Onyx Black (Versafine)
Accessories: Two Tags die, Finial Press, linen thread (SU!), rhinestones, ribbon (May Arts), prima, button, corner rounder (EK Success), Scallop Circles (Nestabilities)


  1. Julee, you are so wise to recognize AND act on your feelings. I wish you only the best in your attempt to take some much needed time off, and rediscover your mojo. I will miss your daily smile as I am not a Facebooker... Take time for you, my friend, and know that over the year that I have been 'blurfing', you have been a huge inspiration to me, and I know I speak for many! Your blogs have always been positive and encouraging, and full of wonderful new products and ideas. God's blessings to you...

  2. Creating should be a part of your life, an addition to your creativity. And I completely understand when it starts to take over, take away from life. And that is NOT right. Take all the time you need for YOU and for life. You'll be ready to step back soon. It's just who you are. Been there, done that. As for today's card, I think it's absolutely beautiful! The embossing is such a pretty addition.

  3. Good for you Julee, always do what's right for you. Today's card is gorgeous - wish I could do that while on a plateau! :-)

  4. You are one SMART woman. I have been in "plateau" for awhile now... and I gave myself permission to do what I want... which has been a little less stamping and a whole lot more painting and playing with new crafts. It's so liberating! And guess what... every once-in-a-while my mojo fires back up and I stamp up a storm.

    Congrats on your wise choice. I'll see you over on FB.

    By the way... GORGEOUS card... I love the circle layer under the sentiment.

  5. ohhh I totly knw howyou feel! If youneed a break you are more than welcome to join me in Crete lounge on the beach and do nothing unless you want to!

  6. I know how it is, and I totally agree...the best way to battle it is to NOT battle! If you play when you feel like it, it feels like play! :) So enjoy yourself, and I'll see you on FB. And I love this card, for the record!

  7. Julee, your card is beautiful, so if your mojo must not be lost just on summer vacation. :-) Have fun on Facebook. That's one part of Cyberia that I haven't ventured into yet. I'll reignite my creativity by finishing a quilt and a cross-stitch project, or perhaps your mojo will vacation here! Blessings! Tricia

  8. It may be safe, easy and comfy but it rocks girl! God, there are nights, sometimes on a Sunday, and I can't even pick the cardstock for our Mojo cards and then I sit...tick I just make it and then I am angry as I see so many posts all week and all great! Sometimes I just need to go for a walk or eat ice cream...that always makes me feel better! So don't fight it, embrace it and say 'forget you all'(in a nice way of course). We have been there and love ya no matter what!

  9. Julee, I must tell you that I received my first order from Verve today and you have knocked my socks off! Not only is the stamp set so elegant (Kindred Spirits), but the service I received was amazing! I placed my order on Monday and the stamps are in my hot little hands already? WOW. And beautifully wrapped too. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Not only will I be a repeat customer, but I showed the stamps to a fellow stamper at work and she wanted Verve's website address. Bless your heart woman. If you want to spend time on Facebook more power too you. I love it there too. It's even fun on my iPod - they have an app for that! See you there. And on MojoMonday too. Love MojoMonday...

  10. Julee, I love your honesty. I am so glad that you said all that you did, I have been feeling the same way lately. Struggling, pushing myself to create when my heart hasn't been in it. I am slowly seeing cards and creating but I REFUSE to push myself. So yeah for us. Yeah for some time to other things. YEAH for Facebook! LOL Big HUGS!!!

  11. Take care of yourself. I know first hand you need to do that. if that is an ordinary card - please can I make ordinary cards more often - I love it!

  12. Well, Julee, you have hit the nail on the head. I, too, have fallen into the cracks of creativity and I
    feel terrible about it. But sometimes life is more overpowering
    and a break is what we need. I am
    still muddling about in my craft room, but without the enthusiasm.
    So I am taking the summer off from joining and just following others in their Mojo moments. You'll be back, when the bug hits again. Take care

  13. I definitely hear you girl. I think we all go through times like this. Your card is beautiful, and I love the color combo. I will find you on facebook, however, I'm usually too busy stamping to update my profile : )

  14. Take time for you and do what you enjoy =) Still a beautiful card for a 'plateau' card!
    I just read yesterday about Blogging without Obligation and it's really quite an article (not sure if you've read it before, but I'm including the link.
    Don't start on Farm Town on FB or you'll never get off!

  15. Way to go taking time for you and things that make you happy and help you relax. I grew up in a family where my dad was an entrepreneur and saw first hand how hard it is to leave work behind and have to push yourself to get things done, but he taught us you need to play hard too so you get refreshed. It may not be in 2 week vacation chunks like many can do, but doing something that makes you happy and re-energizes you does wonders for the soul and has a wonderful ripple effect :D Enjoy treating yourself after two years of very hard working to set up Verve! Don't worry, we'll all still be here too :D

  16. Julee
    You have been working so hard on your "passion" so it's right to take a break for yourself.Your blog is wonderful and encourages so many of us. I find my garden refreshes me plus...bejeweled blitz ... I recommend it highly on Facebook! see you there...

  17. Dear Julee,

    Thanks for your post. I'm definitely on a plateau, as my mind is busy with dealing with the fact that we're gonna have a baby! :-)

    But I have plans for the near and far future and I'm gonna get there, taking it one day at a time! :-)

  18. Good for you! You know what's best for yourself and you do it! Enjoy new adventures and new friends! Your card is beautiful!!

  19. Hi Julee :) I actually quite love your card - it is so pretty and pink!!

    I just popped over to facebook and sent ya an invite - I love pirates too :)
    Been wasting a LOT of time on Facebook lately!

    See ya there and I look forward to the next thing you decide to post! ")
    Anna Banana

  20. Enjoy your break....just make it a little baby one, please????


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