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I'm sure by now you've seen this little graphic floating around blogland. The Verve project parade is going on right now, and we've got an inspiration challenge for you. For all the details on how you could participate and win $15 in Verve Bucks check out this post on the Verve Blog.

I've had a completely different card in my head for this inspiration piece for a while now, but most of those supplies are still in boxes, so this is what I came up with this morning using what was available. I was really drawn to the symmetry of the lines in the image, and also really liked the color combination - the ones I jotted down were red, black, white, sahara sand and a splash of so saffron.

I started by stamping the large filigree from Filigree Fantasy in Versafine Onyx Black, then alternating with the small filigree in Versafine Crimson Red to form a pattern across the panel. Next I added the solid square in the open spaces in So Saffron and then colored the center of each of the black filigrees with a So Saffron marker. Next I stamped the sentiment and then stamped over it with the small filigree in So Saffron and inked the edges of both white panels in So Saffron ink. Both panels are matted on black cardstock, and I used the Fiskars Threading Water border punch for the scalloped edge on the main panel. Next I added diamond glaze to the center squares and circles of all the filigrees and attached pearls to the red filigrees. I set this aside to dry and worked on the background.

The background is just Sahara Sand cardstock stamped with the large filigree in Sahara Sand and then sponged around the edges with the same color ink. To finish off, I punched two holes with the horizontal slot punch to make my sentiment a ribbon slider and then tied it with some May Arts ribbon.

So in conjunction with each of the project parade posts on the Verve Blog the design team are each answering a series of questions about themselves, so I figured I'd answer mine here if any of you are still reading. :)

1. When/how did you get hooked on stamping? My friend drug me to a DOTS (now CTMH) party about 15 years ago and a love for stamping was born. I dabbled in stamping and scrapbooking off and on over the years, and belonged to a monthly DOTS/CTMH stamp club for several years before my corporate job became just too demanding to pursue any hobbies. I started stamping again about 2 years ago when I quit my job, discovered SCS and gained a whole new level of obsession for all these wonderful little rubber and photopolymer things. :)

2. How often do you stamp? I try to stamp every week day - although Verve takes up a lot of my time, so that doesn't always happen. I can consistently find stamping time about 3-4 days a week. If I don't get a chance to head up to the studio, I think up card designs in my head or find a pocket of time to create a card sketch on the computer.

3. Tell me about your funniest or most embarrassing stamping related injury. Well, it wasn't very funny, but in January 07 I got the "brilliant" idea to pre-punch all my pieces of scrap cardstock so I could organize them better and have punches on hand. After a day and a half of punching, my right thumb was so strained that I could barely use my hand for several weeks. My thumb was in so much pain and for months, I couldn't use it to apply pressure on anything without bringing tears to my face. It took almost a year for it to completely heal.

4. How long does it take you to create a project that you're happy with? I'm not a speedy stamper, but I'm getting faster. I can usually come up with a card in about 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes when the mojo is running dry it takes a couple hours of fussing - but those are never the cards I'm the happiest with.

5. I am usually a little messy in my creating. Tell me about your creative space. I wish I could say I am a little Stepford Stamper, but my space is usually in a state of chaos. If you remember PigPen on Peanuts my space usually resembles the cloud of dust that is always surrounding PigPen. No matter how big my space is, I usually only have about a 6 x 6" square of open desk space to work on. I'm lucky enough to have a room all to myself, and with the addition of all new furniture, I'm hoping that the messiness magically disappears.

6. If you were stranded on a deserted island, which craft tool could you not live without? Why? I'm thinking I would take my Copics. They write on just about any surface, and I could use them to make a very pretty SOS sign or pass the endless days sketching, or writing, while I slurp coconut milk, eat Dharma Initiative peanut butter and lounge in my makeshift hammock while watching Sawyer try to build a fire. Oh, I digress... ;)

7. What is your biggest source of inspiration? I look for inspiration in everything around me. I'm most inspired by pretty photos and colors. I love to look at letterpress and stationary designer blogs as well as other creative, non-stamping blogs and websites.

8. Who in the stamping world do you want to be when you grow up and why? I think I most admire Beate Johns. She has an effortless style, beautiful creations, and she takes the time for everyone. She's a sweet, genuine person and prolific stamper that truly gives back to the stamping community.

9. What is your favorite part of the creative process? Without a doubt, my favorite part of the process is the finishing touches. I love adding little doodling accents, embellishments, ribbon, sparkle. I believe this is the magic part of the process that transforms an ordinary card into something wonderful.


  1. Love this card, Julee! Just beautiful! LOVED reading your answers to all of the questions!

  2. And here I thought I was the only one with the "6x6" work area. ;-)

    I really like the inspiration piece. I found another one very similar to it, and I hope to find time this weekend to play. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I'm a new subscriber to your blog. Hope your new furniture will be set up soon.

    I'm inspired by your Mojo Sketches and cards. Thanks and please keep them coming, Julee!

    Sue P, Snellville, GA

  4. BEAUTIFUL inspiration card - WOW!! And, I really enjoyed reading all your answers Julee, especially the one about the hammock - LOL! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


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