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Hey everyone! Today's card is another one that didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned, but some days you just roll with the punches, ya know? This card started out as my attempt at last week's sketch challenge on SCS. Except I wanted to use this sentiment so I had to flip the sketch, and then it didn't look right, so I had to make the card a square. But then the square was too long, so I decided to use some Daisy D's swirl rub-ons in a tombow like dispenser that I bought a while ago to try out. Well, let's just say that I wouldn't recommend these little guys. Great concept, but definitely not easy to use. The dispenser was hard to start and then skipped quite a bit, and since it's a dispenser there's no do-overs, or re-aligning the rub-on to try and fix the skipped parts. So I ended up having to cover it up with a strip of card stock and some embellishments.

The stamps are from the new Thankful Blossoms set. I stamped the blossom with Purely Pomegranate on white and colored with Copic markers. I stamped the sentiment directly on the Ginger Blossom dp and matted with Soft Sky, then pierced all around the edges. The sparkly dp is from the K & Company Smitten paper pad. The card base is Purely Pomegranate and embossed with the stylized flowers Cuttlebug folder. I added a Making Memories deco brad to the center of the blossom and adhered it with foam dots for some dimension. To finish I tied a knotted bow with some May Arts ribbon and added some bling on either side.

Okay, now that I'm done with the nitty gritty, I have a couple questions for all you SU! experts out there. First off is the White Stazon pad in the catty the same as the White Opaque Stazon in the craft stores, or is it different? And second question, if I'm ordering vellum, should I get the paper kind or the card stock kind? Which do you prefer? Oh, and is that new chocolate chip poly twill ribbon something I MUST have, or should I pass on it? :) Enquiring minds want to know! LOL!


  1. Although it wasn't what you envisioned (it sounds like you went through about 12 steps start to finish!), it's still a very nice card! It's nice to know that even the best designers have cards that don't turn out like planned! TFS! Jeanne

  2. well it sure turned out a winner!
    Love your colors

  3. This card is beautiful even if it didn't turn out exactly like you envisioned. I love the tone on tone colors.

  4. The white stazon is the same thing in the SU catty as what my sister bought at michaels....they only make the opaque white.
    I thought that poly twill stuff looked really cool! Haven't seen it yet, but it would be worth a go.
    Haven't seen cardstock vellum either (boy I need to get out more!)...I imagine it wouldn't be as transparent as regular stuff though...probably depends on what kind of look you're going for...
    Great card Julee!!

  5. Beautiful card!
    Yes, the white StazOn is the same.
    Vellum: Cardstock kind is great if you are going to print / write sentiments or color on it. It's not as see through as the other.
    The lighterweight is good when you want a softer touch or an overlay.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

  6. 1 - Yes, the White stazon is the same thing you can buy at Hobby Lobby or Michaels or a LSS.

    2 - I have both, and the cardstock is thicker, stiffer, and less see-through than the paper vellum. I like the paper vellum if it is going over an image to make it softer. The cardstock vellum would be good for overlaying on solid colors of cardstock with the main image on top of the cardstock vellum.

    3 - I am LOVING the new poly twill chocolate chip ribbon! I'm working on a swap card in which I am using that, and it is just so smooth and satin-y feeling. It ties beautifully. It's also the perfect size for going thru a ribbon slide! :-)

    I love your artwork and all the sketches, Julee! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  7. Julee, this is SO beautiful!!! Those colors are just delicious looking together! I also think that the strip of cardstock along the bottom is perfect...a gorgeous design!! I can SO understand about things not going the way you feels like it has been that way for a while for me as well.

    The white stazon is the same as the one in the craft stores. I am a vellum junkie...and LOVE the vellum cardstock. I don't care for the lighter weight paper, though. It is more "white-ish" looking and it wrinkles very easily. (Just my opinion) Now, the chocolate twill stuff is on my next order! :-)

  8. Linda from GeorgiaMarch 5, 2008 at 7:45 AM

    Thanks for sharing the goofs, disasters, mis-steps and the amazing results that come from perseverence.

  9. Julee, Your card is so beautiful,
    even if it wasn't what you envisioned.I also like the strip
    across the bottom. Beautiful design and beautiful colors!!

  10. Hmmm, can't help with any of your SU questions...but absolutely love this card...the ribbon is ties perfectly (an art I have yet to perfect :) ) and the three blings right in a row just seem to be the perfect touch! Turned out great for all the trouble you had! (Sometimes those kind of cards turn out the best! :)

  11. Looks like you got most of your answers already...I LOVE the chocolate twill ribbon! I haven't ordered the olive yet, but I will! :)

    Also, glad to hear you had trouble with the Daisy D's rub-on tape, too...I mean not glad you had to pitch your card, but I can't get that stuff to work either. I threw away an entire probject last year. One thing I did read the next day was that you can use an adhesive remover to "erase" it if you aren't happy. But I just isn't easy to work with and I won't be buying any more. Great concept, but it needs more "work" to get the kinks out, I think!

    BTW...LOVE your card! Stalking my mailman for this set! :)

  12. Beautiful card Julee!! Looks like you got all your questions answered *smile*


  13. Absolutely beautiful card Julee! The colors are just so yummy! And I have to say, this new set is really calling to me!

    It looks like most of your SU questions have been answered. If you e-mail me your address, I'll send you a sample of the cardstock vellum (I *heart* it for using it as a base layer for cards or for sour cream containers). Can't tell you about the polytwill (it's gonna be on my next order though).


  14. Laura (scrapnextras)March 5, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    Julee it turned out beautiful! Love your "salvage" one would ever know that wasn't your original intention.

    I thought I would add my 2cents on your SU questions. Cardstock vellum is like could score it and it would stand up like a card on it's own. Paper vellum is softer and "filmy". I like it for overlays; prefer the cardstock for embossing (wet or dry).

    The new poly twill is nice. I like it because it's very low sheen, unlike some of the chocolate ribbon..great for guy cards, soft like twill.

  15. I think your card is great! Thanks for the warning about the rubon dispensers.

    I haven't seen the SU vellum cardstock in person but after seeing Julie Buhler's card today I plan to order some. Check out her vellum card on her blog -

    Happy Stampin!

  16. this is absolutely stunning, love every detail =)

  17. This is beautiful Julee.. truly a happy ending!

  18. I love how this card turned out...and we all have cards that take a bit of work, right? I definitely prefer the card stock weight's still plenty transparent...just depends on what you're wanting it for! If you want an overlay, definitely use the paper-weight. And I love the new twill ribbon...but it doesn't take much for me to love ribbon!

  19. Julee, this is gorgeous, planned or not. I love it!

  20. Beautiful card (always!). Anyways, I always use the cardstock vellum specially because I like to dry emboss vellum (you can also run it through your cuttlebug!). Happy stamping! Sandra

  21. I so love this card. I love everything about it... the colors, the BLING! YUM-O

    Another cardstock vs paper vellum point - The cardstock punches well. Haven't tried in in the cuttlebug. I have had success running the paper through my printer to print a sentiment or verse and use as an overlay. You might have to tweak your printer settings to get it to work, but it's a nice effect.

  22. Well, if it didn't turn out how you envisioned, how serendipitous! LOL This is GORGEOUS!

  23. Love this card, very beautiful :)!


  24. I love the card and the color of it. WOW!!

  25. Gorgeous Card!!
    I love the colors...
    and the design...great embossing!


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