Mojo Monday Week #7 Winner

There were so many awesome entries this last week, you all just blew me away with your mojo. It was so nice to see what everyone's been working on, especially since I haven't had much stamping time lately. After a long judging session, I declare Sherrie S. of Card Creme the winner of Week 7. Can you believe she colored this with Copic markers? It's amazing! I am way too intimidated by my lack of coloring skillz to even attempt a Kinkade with pencils, let alone markers! Congrats Sherrie! And thank you all for participating in this week's challenge. Be sure to check out all the mojolicious entries in the slideshow below.

NOTE: If you get a message that says no photos found, please hit the refresh button on your browser or the F5 function key on your keyboard, and hopefully it will reload with the pictures!


  1. Sherrie should DEFINITELY be the winner for this one. Can you believe this card? It's absolutely amazing! Great choice!

    So sorry to hear about your awful weekend, I'm sending you a great big hug!


  2. WOW! Thanks Julee! Yes, I was definitely feelin' the mojo last week....hope it sticks to me like glue! Thanks for running your mojo mondays...Sending you big cyber hugs!

  3. Congrats Sherrie. Gorgeous coloring!

    Hope you are feeling better! hugs, chris

  4. I concur - Sherrie's card rocks!

  5. FABULOUS card! This is a real WINNER! Congrats Sherri! You've got skills girl!

    Thank you Julee for the wonderful sketches. So sorry to hear about your big BUMP! Take it easy! :D

  6. Congratulations, Sherrie! That IS one gorgeous card!

  7. Been back time and time again to look at this card - can't really believe the colouring - looks so real - well done Sherrie


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