Well, that little TAG bug is going around again. I've been tagged by Amelia, Shannan and Paula to tell you another 7 random things about myself. Nothing like a peek into my own private world to start your day off, right? :)

1. I recently became hooked on watching No-Limit Texas Hold-Em Poker with my hubby on ESPN. I know, I know... it's not even a SPORT!!! LOL!

2. I love to read and each year challenge myself to read more books than the year before. Last year I read 34 (these are big honkin' 1,000+ page teeny tiny print epic fantasy novels or classic literature, not your easy peasy beach reads). This year I discovered blogging and I still have yet to finish ONE book!

3. I'm a wiz at word search games. It drives my family crazy. My favorite game is Boggle, but hubby won't play it with me anymore. He says he doesn't have a fighting chance.

4. I am generally unaware of what's going on in the world today. I never watch the news, don't read the paper and rarely go to any news related websites.

5. I have procrastinated for years on getting my wisdom teeth removed. They are now at the point where there is little choice in the matter -they've got to go this summer! I can't deal with the pain any longer!

6. I love the smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls. Ahhhhh! The sound of the can being opened, that new ball smell.... heaven. :)

7. I flunked swimming lessons as a kid because I couldn't hold my breath under water for 30 seconds. I can't hold my breath above water for 30 seconds either... guess I would have flunked walking lessons if we'd had those, too! LOL!

Well, there you go. I'm not going to tag anyone because I don't play by the rules! Just kidding! I usually do play by the rules, but right now since I've been on blog vacation for a while I have no idea who has and hasn't been tagged, so if you want to do this little tag on your blog, but haven't been tagged, consider yourself IT!


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  2. Loved reading about you Julee! Thanks for sharing with us, your readers.

  3. Tennis balls huh??? Never heard that one before - LOL!

  4. Julee, you are a stitch...DON'T procrastinate a bit longer...get those teethies yanked! (This coming from the girl who hasn't gone to the dentist for a cracked tooth in two months...) And I totally agree about the news thing. Since I stopped teaching...I believe ignorance is bliss! (My hubby thinks I am a dope sometimes when he asks about a world event and I look at him with a blank stare!)

  5. Book suggestion that you won't be able to put down. Twilight by Stepenie Meyer. Crazy how good it is. Sorry I haven't posted any cards yet, just a little overwhelmed I guess.


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