One More Bee Card

Well, I hope you're not totally sick of this bee and paper yet, because I have this one more card to show you. I promise tomorrow's card won't have a bee on it! :) Today's card was inspired by this card by Amy Westerman. Amy's card is just so awesome, I had to try. However, once I got everything pulled together, my circles were too big to do the sentiments above and below, which is one of the features I loved about her card. Plus, I made a boo-boo which I had to hide with the designer label punch.

I started by stamping the Stampendous Daisy Bee with Ancient Page Coal Black ink and coloring with Prismacolors and Gamsol. The circles are cut with my Creative Memories circle cutter and matted on a Chocolate Chip giga scallop circle. The paper is once again from the Crate Paper Cowboy line, with the blue being the back side of one of the other designs from the line. I stamped the thanks sentiment from the Designer Label punch box in Chocolate Chip and then carefully trimmed a mat for it. The top and bottom scallops are done with a slit punch. I also used a 1/8" hole punch for the holes in the top scallop. For some sparkle I added Stardust Stickles to the image and although you can't really see in the picture, I added some cool little doodles around the scallops with my clear Stardust pen.

Okay, on with the bingo game. If you think you've got a winning card... please list the type of bingo you have (X, H or blackout) as well as the bingo number that gave you your win. I think there will probably be several bingo claims with all these numbers I'm calling today. The order in which the numbers are called determines the winner. Therefore a card that gets a form of bingo with B13 wins over a G56 bingo.

Today's Bingo Numbers:
B13 {Daily Pick}
G56 {Courtesy of Erica}
G49 {Courtesy of Donna}
I17 {Courtesy of Dana}
B7 {Courtesy of Kim}
N38 {Courtesy of AJ}
B1 {Courtesy of Melissa}
G53 {Courtesy of Mary}
G55 {Courtesy of Nancy}
G52 {Courtesy of Angel}
N33 {Courtesy of Dottie}
O65 {Courtesy of Ida}
I28 {Courtesy of Debbie}
I29 {Courtesy of Dina}
I16 {Courtesy of Frances}
O71 {Courtesy of Karrie}
I24 {Courtesy of Marie}
I26 {Courtesy of Amelia}


  1. I love that little bee! :o) He makes me smile each time I see him! Thanks for sharing! Hugs! Ash~

  2. ACK! I can't believe I still don't have a bingo with all those numbers! I DO have a small H using "I" & "G". Does that count? If so "BINGO" for that. Ü

  3. Woohoo, I have bingo! I sent you an email.

    Another fabulous card. That bee image is so cute.

  4. I was so excited I forgot to list the numbers:
    B13, B8, I22, I24, Free Space,
    G54, G55, O61, O71

  5. Another adorable Bee card...wish I could see it up close IRL!

    I got Bingo with an "x", and sent you an email, but I'm sure someone won before me!

  6. I am soooooo CLOSE!! But it looks like we may have a WINNER!! Yeah for them! LOLOL Okay, moving on to Round Four, I am sure I am a winner, I can feel it...there will be a round four right? Even if there isn't a prize, I just want to yell BONGO!! I mean BINGO!!! LOLOL

  7. Who could be sick of the bee????
    LOVE it!
    Off to check my numbers....

  8. Hmmm...shoulda read the comments first!
    Congrats Xers!

  9. That card is soooooooo cute! My want list for stamps and punches just keeps growing!

  10. I love the Bees.
    I have a Bingo with a sideways H.

  11. You could do bee cards ALL DAY LONG! I LOVE them! Great card!

  12. super card~ Your making me want to order more bees!!
    Almost had a bingo, thanks for hosting!!! congrats to the winners!

  13. I am loving your bee cards this week Julee...I am so far behind, I am not going to play but I will try out the sketches anyway (oh gawd, I'm rhyming again!)...

  14. Congrats to the winner. Love the card!!

  15. Oh man I was 1 number away from the Bingo for both an X & an H Bingo but others have Bingo already. Oh well...looks like I'm up for another round if you are still playing.

    Great Bee card. I love those bee's so I'm not tired at all seeing them. Ida

  16. What a cute little bee card...who could be sick of those? Even with all those bingo for me...congrats to the winner of this round...there is always next round!

  17. Keep 'em comin'! I love seeing your bee cards!

    Congrats to the BINGO'ers!

  18. Has anyone called B4 yet? I NEED it!!! :) You keep making those bee cards. They are SO cute and I, for one, am not getting sick of them!

  19. X Bingo - B-1 gave me my bingo
    I'm sure someone got it before I did.
    Love your bee cards.

  20. This may be my favorite of your bee cards yet. I like the grosgrain ribbon, doodling around the scallops, and esp. the label punch sentiment.
    Here's a card I made with your latest sketch:

  21. Still no Bingo for me. Argg!
    I love your Bee cards. They are too adorable!

  22. Another adorable bee card! I love it, and don't think I could tire of them.

  23. I might of got BINGO too? I'll email you my numbers.

  24. Love the bee and the papers! I really need to ink up my bees!

    Congrats to the lucky bingo winners! I was close . . . maybe the next round. . . gee, I sure hope there's another round.

  25. I love the bees so the more the better! Here's my card for today:

    Congrats to the bingo winners!


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