And the BINGO numbers are....

Okay, you gals ROCK! I had no idea so many of you would want to play. Do you see what Katie's been up to while I've been making and sending out over 125 Bingo cards? It's a rough life, isn't it?

Everyone that has requested a card should have one now. You've all been busy making some awesome cards, too! I think there may have been a little confusion on the sketch, but we're all having fun and it will all work out.

So, my original intent was that you had to make a card using the official sketch to get a new number. Some of you sent in cards using the card I posted yesterday, which was actually a variation of Amy Westerman's Super Sunday Sketch. (She's the bomb, so if you like sketches, be sure to check her blog out!) Since there was some confusion, I've decided to also accept card entries using the layout of the card I post for each day. For every card submitted using either the official sketch or the card-of-the-day layout, I will call one new bingo number the next morning. So, here's hoping that all makes sense now! :) Oh, one last thing... there is an additional prize raffle for all of the entries submitted for the official sketch challenges, but not one for the daily layouts. Crystal clear? LOL! It really does sound more complicated than it is!

So, that said, here is your huge list of numbers. I think there are still a few links to cards in my inbox, but I'm too tired to go through it right now, so those numbers will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry girls, but the list is already huge, anyway! ;)

I29 {Daily Pick}
G48 {Courtesy of Lisa}
O73 {Courtesy of Tanis}
G58 {Courtesy of Nancy}
B6 {Courtesy of Renee}
N32 {Courtesy of Melissa}
G56 {Courtesy of Kimberly}
O68 {Courtesy of Amelia}
G50 {Courtesy of Mary}
O72 {Courtesy of Dottie}
I27 {Courtesy of Denise}
G53 {Courtesy of Rhonda}
N31 {Courtesy of Donna}
O65 {Courtesy of Ida}
N36 {Courtesy of Melissa}
B3 {Courtesy of Sherrie}
B11 {Courtesy of Robin}
I28 {Courtesy of Donna}
O71 {Courtesy of Aldona}

So what happens when someone gets a Bingo?
If you have a BINGO you must email me or post on this post to claim your prize. I will then verify the numbers and if there are multiple claims I will use the order the numbers are called/listed to determine the winner. (For example, someone whose last number they needed for a Bingo today was B3 would win over a card in which the last number they needed to complete Bingo was O71.) In the event there is still a tie, the winner will be decided by adding all of their winning Bingo numbers together. The card with the highest scoring Bingo will win.

Once a winner is named, that category is no longer active. We then CLEAR the bingo cards (place all the numbers back in the pot) and start over with the same cards until we have a winner for each category (Bingo, X, H, T, Blackout).

This is super long, so I'm going to post today's card in the next post.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Look at all the entries!! I think they're into it, Julee, what do you think?? It's awesome!! Your card today is beautiful!! Love the layout and the colours!!

  2. This is sooo fun!!!! No BINGO yet but I'm very close.

  3. I have a straight line bingo!!!! I emailed you....I'm so excited I can hardley type: )


  4. This is such great fun, thanks so much, I am getting close.

  5. I am soooo close!! Congrat s Sarah on BINGO!!

  6. I am lovin' the BINGO game! What a fantastic idea!

  7. how fun! I'm still waiting for my bingo card...I'll email you again

  8. WOW a bingo already???
    Congrats Sarah!!
    This is fun!

  9. Oh, congrats sarah! I am havin F-U-N!!!

  10. Oh how fun!!! I forgot to check your site the MINUTE I got close!

    Your card today is very cool...I am not a huge fan of that set, but it looks really good in those colors and the layout is great!

  11. No bingo here, what a hoot!! Who woulda thunk?? Did you see that one number looked like it was partially missing?? It didn't make a difference to me but it seems funny that one is only half showing??


  12. OMG... Julee... Katie is SOOOOOO adorable! I just want to pick her up and cuddle her silly! (Which I know would probably result in stitches and another "under-the-bed-experience")

    Congrats, Sarah! I'm 3 from a "T", so I'm getting closer....

  13. Congrats Sarah. I'm having so much fun!

  14. Oh my goodness... your Katie could be a twin of my Callie! I love calico cats... Katie is such a cutie. I bet she is just as spunky as my Callie! :c)


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