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Happy Saturday, peeps! When I was over at Lila's the other night I created this very simple card using Papertrey Ink's Snowflake Serenade. I didn't think I NEEDED another snowflake set, since I have a bjillion already, but I loved how this came together. Unfortunately, they're sold out, so I'll have to wait a little longer to get this one. Speaking of sold out, Seasonal Circles sold out this week. I placed a re-order the same day I re-ordered the Winter Wonder set. However, I only placed a rush on the Winter Wonder set, so the Seasonal Circles reinforcements probably won't arrive until a week after Winter Wonder.

Nothing much to say about this card, colors are Cranberry Crisp, Creamy Caramel and Chocolate Chip. Paper is from Cosmo Cricket and the ribbon is the wide Chocolate grosgrain from Stampin Up!

In other news, I was tagged by Karrie to tell y'all 7 random things about me. I love playing games, but I really am not a very interesting person, peeps. And since I've played variations of this tag game about 7 times in the last year, I'm plumb out of random facts about myself. In fact, y'all probably know more about me than my own family! LOL! I'll try to come up with a few that you don't already know.

Here are the RULES:

ONE - Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
TWO - Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
THREE - Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

1. I'm a very private person. I don't feel comfortable talking about myself, so therefore I rarely do. I'm that gal that in high school you always thought was stuck up, but was really just a painfully shy gal wishing she could think of one worthwhile comment to strike up a conversation with you.

2. I LOVE my design team. They are the bestest, most talented, most giving group of gals I know, and I'm so glad I get to work with them! It's tough running a business by yourself, and they always seem to know when to hop on and refuel my excitement. Thanks girlies!

3. We just got an XBox 360. I am hopelessly addicted to Tetris. All these cool graphics on our High Def Plasma screen and all I want to do is play old school Tetris! LOL!

4. I love Thai food. YUM, YUM! When I was younger I was the pickiest eater. I would never even let foods touch on my plate, let alone eat a casserole or other mixed food recipe. And I only ate bland things. As I've gotten older and my taste buds have died I totally crave exotic mixtures of flavors and spicy foods. Thai is all that and more! One delectable piece of heaven in my mouth. :)

5. I've had a bind-it-all for several months now and have never used it. I just don't know what to do with it and I'm too lazy to watch the video to see if it has instructions! LOL!

6. I spend way too much time at my computer. Like probably 12-18 hours a day on average, peeps! I hardly do anything else. Sometimes it drives me crazy and I wish I could just leave the darn thing at an office and go home and enjoy my life, oblivious to all the emails that are pouring in.

7. I've never made a pie or cooked a turkey in my life. We're always invited places for holidays, so I've never had occasion to learn. Sometimes it worries me that I won't know how to do it when we're older and supposed to be the ones inviting people to our house!

Okay, now to tag 7 random people... Sorry if you've been tagged already. I know ya'll are busy, so just play if you have some time. :)

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  1. You say "simple"..and I say GORGEOUS!!!! This is just stunning!!! I also loved to hear about you! And about the xbox...MAN, I wish I lived closer to you!!!! LOL!

  2. What an amazing card!!! I love this set more and more...especially now. I'll have to order it when that other set comes out. And you are such a sweetie...we love you too!! I am so glad I'm on your design team.

  3. Painfully shy people unite!!! I'm the exact same way. It's funny a lot of my SCS have admitted to the same thing.

  4. Crikey, now I feel bad for tagging you...sniff, sniff...

    Love your card, I think those colors are so yummy together! And simple? whatever... LOLOL

  5. julee...this card is stunning! love the rustic colors...awesome job!

  6. Your interest in Thai food is perhaps related to your artistic nature. A lot of the recipes are presented with artistry, and some of the most beautiful greeting cards are made by hand on silk paper in Thailand. Here is a Thai Food Blog you might like which ties some of those things together. I love your artwork and wish the best for your continued success.


  7. I love this card - the muted colors make it so elegant. I've had my bind-it-all for months now too and not used it. I just watched the video and wished I hadn't wasted my time. LOL!

  8. Too funny, I'm a Tetris person, too. Or even Dig Dug... I'm hopeless when it comes to the video game controllers of today. :)

  9. Love the card, TAGGER!!!!! (I posted my 7 useless facts on my lame-o blog, but I didn't tag anyone.....)

    I know what you mean about snowflake stamps.... I need another one like I need a hole in my head, but I KEEP BUYIN' 'EM!!!!!

  10. Great card.....feels so antique.

    Don't worry about the pie/turkey thing.....its never too late to learn!! I have never made a traditional "double crust" and its OK!! As for a Turkey.....its easy, take out the inner package, rub it down with lots o' Crisco, stick it in the oven and go STAMP for 4 hours!! aahaahahaha!!


  11. GORGEOUS card, Julee! Just beautiful! Loved the random facts! You're not as "uninteresting" as you think you are! I love getting to know you more! :) . . .and I LOVE being on your design team! :)

  12. AMazing...that card is so simply stunning! I love it. I also love Thai food....ooooh, I've got a craving now!

    Thanks for the tag...I promise to play soon. (I too have been sitting in front of the computer for double digit hours a day getting my classroom up and running!)

  13. Wow! This Simple Joy card is very elegant! Very nice job!


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