Have a Star Spangled Day!

I didn't have any stamping time again yesterday, so I'll show you a card I did last week. I finally got my hands on some of those adorable Hero Arts bird stamps and this was what happened when I just sat down to "play" with my new stamps and paper. The paper is from the Carnival line by Crate Paper. The bird stamp and the sentiment are from Hero Arts. The circles are all cut with the Creative Memories Circle Cutting System and I added doodles and dots with a white gel pen and a black marker. Accents are some Offray Kendra ribbon, a prima, an orange rhinestone sticker and Stickles.
A great big Happy 4th of July to all my American readers (and a belated Canada Day wish to all you Canadians)! Last night I was playing a game called Apples to Apples with family. The premise of the game is to pick a card from your hand that has a word that most relates to the word on the card the judge places in the center of the table. Then the judge reads all the cards and picks the one he/she thinks is best. It's a really fun game. Anyway, the card in the middle said Expensive and the card I chose to lay down was Freedom. I just started thinking about all the lives that have been lost for the freedoms I enjoy everyday... like the freedom of speech so I can write this very blog post. So just wanted to say hats off to all the men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep that freedom alive and kicking!

Today's Bingo Numbers:
I23 {Daily Pick}
O62 {Courtesy of Nancy}
B2 {Courtesy of Nancy}
N31 {Courtesy of Dana}
B14 {Courtesy of Ida}
I26 {Courtesy of Kim}
O66 {Courtesy of Kim}
O75 {Courtesy of Sherrie}
G60 {Courtesy of Melody}
I28 {Courtesy of Julie}
I24 {Courtesy of Robin}
B12 {Courtesy of Dottie}
O68 {Courtesy of Dottie}
I21 {Courtesy of Donna}

I'm sure there will probably be a winner today, since there are so many numbers and so many of you were so close. If you think you've got an X or Blackout, please include the last number you filled in on your card when you post to claim your Bingo. The winner is decided by the order the numbers are called so therefore an X completed with O62 would beat out an X completed with a B2. Good luck and have a wonderful 4th!


  1. YEAH!!! I have a bingo, with I26, and it's the X. I know you probably have more people with bingo's, but it's worth a try! lol T

  2. Thank goodness someone put me outta my misery lol.

    Thanks Kim!!

    Bobbie *Ü*

  3. I have a bingo too with O75!! It's an X.

  4. Great card! I saw this birdie yesterday on a card somewhere and fell in love!
    Thank goodness someone called Bingo...I was nashing my teeth on this round!

  5. Only needed 1 more number, but Congrats to the bingo winner, whoever she may be!

  6. Don't ya just LOVE Crate paper!?? I think it's not only the colours but the textures as well!! So beautiful and your card is lovely.
    I got Bingo too, on B14, not sure where that puts me, but BINGOOOO!! Just wanted to shout it!!
    Happy 4th of July all you US ladies!! Have a wonderful day!!

  7. This card is beautiful. Love all the doodling. I'm going to have to experiment - mine doesn't look like this. I love the sketches - trying things I wouldn't have done. Have a great 4th of July. Congrats to the winner.

  8. I just needed B8 for an X bongo!!! Bummer! Happy 4th of July!

  9. I have bingo with i23 and b2 for an X!!!!

  10. BINGO: I26 with an X

  11. Congratulations to the winner! I only needed G56 to have an X!! Love the card! I don't have any of those cute little birds but I have to get one.

    TFS, Ellie

  12. What a fun card! That ribbon is TO DIE FOR...love it. Hope we can both find some stamping time this week!

  13. Funny, but I got the Bingo X with your example the O62! :)

    Happy 4th!

  14. how fun, looks like a lot of us got to shout out bingo this morning!!! Me too but only at G60....oh well it's still a BINGO! Happy day....love that bird Julee, you color it so well!

  15. Well no bingo here - still lacking 2 numbers. Looks like a number of you made it, though.

    Julee, what a darling card. I keep wishing some of those birdies would fly to my house and build a nest here. Maybe someday.

  16. Adorable card! That birdie is just so cute!

    congrats on the bingo...whew! I still wasn't close!

  17. Congratulations to the winners. This round seemed to never end. I was always one number away! I'm having alot of fun. Thanks for doing this.
    Happy Fourth of July.

  18. Congratulations Bingo Winner (whoever you are!). I just love that bird stamp (set) but can't find it anywhere! I love your card!

  19. Hi Julee,
    I have an "x" with the last number being O68. It has been torturous fun!!

  20. congratulations bingo winner! here's another card - I just can't stop myself

    pretty flowers in vase

  21. I love your card (those birds are just too cute).

  22. I just want to say, it does not matter if your cards are a year old, or more, they are always beautiful. Hope you had a great Fourth. We sure did even if it did rain most of the day. I think everyday is a good day.

  23. This is a really great card. I was just trying to work up an idea today for an ATC with one of these birdies in a circle. The ladies in the swap make such great projects that I try to give it a little extra thought.

  24. Girl you totally rock. I check your site daily and just adore your work.


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