B-I-N-G-O Winner!

We have a winner!
Congrats to Sarah for the first BINGO!
She wins the Autumn Leaves Build-a-Flower set.

What does that mean for the rest of you? Well, now it's time to CLEAR your cards for the next round. So, use a different color to mark, or print a new copy of your card. (If you can't find your email to reprint, let me know and I'll resend your card.) We RESET each round and then continue playing for the other categories. I've put all the numbers back in the pot and cleared the Master Bingo List, so let's get back to Bingoing! For this round, the available wins are an X, T, H or Blackout. We will continue with the official sketch until I post a new one next week. If you're bored with the sketch by now, you can submit cards using the layouts from any cards I've posted since June 19. Happy Stamping!

I will post the prize for Round 2 tomorrow morning when I post the new Bingo numbers!


  1. Congratulations Sarah, That was FAST! - Guess I'll keep on playing though since this is FUN. Enjoy your new stamp set. Ida

  2. Oops forgot to leave the link for today's card.


  3. Congrats Sarah!! Of course it was when I was only 1 away in 3 places. Maybe next round!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!! This is way fun!

  5. Here is the link for my card for Round 2, this is such fun, thanks.

  6. Sarah, congratulations. That was quick! What's your secret?
    I did a card for an extra number and you can see it here, Julee:


    This is so much fun. thanks.

  7. Thanks Julie & everyone...it is my 1st time winning bingo!

    I will submit some cards to helpout getting more numbers called for all of you: )


  8. I am confused. were you sending the numbers using your feed? If you were, the feed has been down over 36 hours so no one who gets feedblitz go the post. Oh well.


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