Tagged Again!

I've been tagged by Allison & Alex to reveal 7 things about myself.

1. I am (just a little bit) fanatical about all things Hello Kitty. It started back when I was 5 and my aunt gave me a set of Hello Kitty markers - pink, red, purple and blue. I am truly glad that everything eventually comes back in style - because I just can't get enough of all the cute Hello Kitty stuff available now!

2. I've seen every episode ever of Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and Smallville. It's my guilty little secret that I'm hooked on all the teenybopper shows! LOL

3. 10 years ago my husband and I were introduced by my ex-boyfriend. We didn't know how to contact each other without going through him, so about 2 months later we both looked each other up on the website of our respective colleges and without knowing what the other was doing, sent each other almost identical emails at the exact same time.

4. My husband proposed after 6 months of dating. We had a 6 month celebration and both picked out the exact same Hallmark card (from completely different stores) to give to one another. Guess it was destiny. :)

5. My husband and I are total computer nerds. We have 7 functioning computers and 4 printers hooked up in our house. There are also a couple older computers stored in the closet that Mark hasn't allowed me to get rid of yet.

6. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Communications and this month (9 1/2 years later) finally paid off my student loans.

7. I rarely go a day without listening to my iPod. Currently there are over 4,000 songs and 10 audiobooks loaded on my old school 40GB iPod. I hope to upgrade sometime this year to one of the cool new ones that plays videos.

Okay, there you have it... 7 little insights into my soul. I'm only going to tag one person because I'm tired, but I did want to let you all know that Shannan has a new blog! :) Go check it out!

Tag ... Shannan's IT!


  1. *rubbing hands togetha* Now all the secrets are coming out!! lol
    That was neat about the emails and card thing with you & Mark =)

  2. awww geez, I'm gonna have to think about this for a while...LOL
    Don't feel bad about the teeny bopper shows...I still watch Saved by the Bell when I find it on!

  3. Guilty pleasures are wonderful...mine is Survivor! Your hubby sounds so special...congrats!
    great to get to know you.

  4. Heh heh heh..... including Russ' work laptop, we have 6 working computers and there are 2 in the corner of my living room and one in the corner of my office waiting to have their hard drives "sanitized" so I can get rid of them.... It just never seems to be a priority. My TV show that I have seen EVERY episode of is Friends.

    I never would have pegged you as a "Hello Kitty" girl.... tee hee hee.....


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