Nugget Bunnies

I was cruising around SCS the other day and I saw Kathie Mcguire's adorable little bunnies made from Hershey nuggets. I just HAD to get a bunny stamp and try it. These are just so cute and easy to make! ETA: I got the bunny stamp at Michael's this past week.

I stamped the Bunny Face (Rubber Stampede) in Black Stazon on White shimmer paper and colored his ears with prismacolors and mineral spirits. I then cut out the image and glued to the front of a Hershey's Nugget with mono adhesive. Next I took a strip of Loves Me paper (Stampin Up) and wrapped it around the body of the nugget, securing with Terrifically Tacky Tape. Finally I used glue dots to adhere a fluffly little pompom to the other end as the bunny's tail. Fast, fun and CA-UTE!

My cat, Katie, got an awesome RAK that she wanted me to share with you all. Earlier this week Lisa (crazycatstamper) sent me a picture of her cat, Taz, with a lei and double-dog dared me to get a picture of Katie like this. Well, of course I had to try - it was a double-dog dare, after all! :) Anyway, getting the lei on was not much of a problem and even a few pics were okay (although by the look on her face you can see our definitions of okay differ considerably! LOL), but when I went to take the lei off - Katie FREAKED out. She ran as fast as she could and hid under the bed and started strangling herself with it trying to get it off. Poor thing!!! Luckily Mark came home and was able to coax her out from under the bed long enough to get the thing off, but she was very unhappy with me most of the week. So Taz sent Katie a RAK, complete with an envelope stamped with kitty pawprints, apologizing for what their mommies conspired to do to her! With the RAK were some yummalicious milk flavored cat treats that Katie has been consoling herself with all weekend! LOL! Ironically, the card that came with the treats says Wisdom - would have been good if I'd had some of that BEFORE I traumatized my cat! Anyways, thanks Lisa and Taz, you gave me a chuckle and Katie has forgotten everything but the sound of the treat bag shaking out some yummy treats!


  1. Awesome bunny nuggets! (that doesn't sound too good, does it? LOL) Who would ever want to eat them-they're too cute to tear apart!

  2. I'm calling them bunny nuggets too, becaues that's just funny, those are simply one of the cutest chocolate creations I've seen!

  3. I really love the full size pic of Katie under the bed! LOL!

    I have that same bunny stamp here somewhere.... Man... I've had that for at least 6 or 7 years.... May just have to dig him out and make some "Bunny Nuggets" for my secret pal.... OK... now that just sounds like something on the menu at McRoadKill or something.... eeeeeew!

  4. Bwahahahhhaa!!! Poor Katie! That story is kinda funny after the fact, you just have to laugh at yourself right? Katie will forgive a few months! lol

    Totally diggin the bunny nuggets! I MUST have one...I will have a bunny nugget basket in the entry way when you come, accepting donations!!! lol


  5. What a cute idea with the nugget bunnies! And the kitty made me laugh outloud!

  6. Such a mean Mommy you are!! Your poor kitty! LOL But who am I to talk? My poor Callie gets to wear a cute little Halloween collar with a spider hanging around her neck every year!! hahahaha

  7. Jennifer (refinnej2)March 12, 2007 at 10:07 PM

    Totally cute bunny nuggets!! You are just so creative. I can't wait to see that creativity in action!!

  8. Oh my goodness! Cruizing around this blog and LUUVIN it when I see my very own little name by the Bunny Nuggets. Fun!! I'm go glad I inspired you and that stamp you made your bunnies with is really cute! Great job on your blog and all the wonderful projects!! ~Kathie McGuire


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