Let's Celebrate March with BLOG CANDY!

Okay - this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but the automated blogbots at Blogger LOCKED my blog as possible spam! What a terrible mess! I just got unlocked - almost 48 hours after it was first locked! Anyways, I'm so happy to be back in Blogland!

I can't believe February is over and it's already time to celebrate a new month! I'm so thankful for all the wonderful friends I've met through SCS and through this blog. You guys have me smiling every day with your wonderful comments and emails.

There's a Cat's Pajamas stamp that says, "There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are Irish...and those who wish they were!" I am in the latter group. Although I've never been fond of corned beef (EWWW!), I've always wished I was Irish so I could celebrate St. Patty's Day in style! LOL. Well, since it's my blog, and I'm betting at least one of you out there comes from Irish descent...
We're gonna celebrate with some BLOG BLARNEY! :)

Just leave a comment on this post with the answers to the following questions by Friday, March 9 at 10PM Mountain (12ET) and I'll draw a random winner. The blarney package includes ten 6x6 sheets of the oh-so-fabulous Green Day line of paper by Reminisce, 10 lightweight blank coasters, Happy St. Patricks Day ribbon, green organdy ribbon, Pistachio Glitter Glaze and a Good Luck stamp!

In your comment I'd like you to tell me:

1. How you found my blog and how long you've been reading. (Newbies welcome!)
2. Are you an email subscriber to this blog? (Feedblitz sign-up is on the sidebar)
If no, do you use a blog reading service (Google Reader, Windows LiveFeeds, etc.)?
3. What type of projects/techniques you would like to see more of on this blog?


  1. Woo-hoo! I love St. Patricck's Day stuff! I have been reading your blog for about a month now and I check it twice a day just in case you post something mid day! :) I subscribe to Feedblitz for a couple other blogs, but have found that I check them every day anyway so it doesn't make a difference in how frequent I visit a particular site. I have so many favorite things that it's hard to choose! I like gift sets of matching things, themed like items and pictures of stamping spaces! Gosh this might just be the longest comment I have ever posted!

  2. my daughter, dawnmercedes, directed me to this blog.

    I have signed up

    I love any project that is not just a card.

    These are great giveaways. thanx.'

    I am of British descent but my husband has the Irish in him so my kids are happy. I just celebrate whatever I want to celebrate. So on that day, I AM Irish.

  3. My sisters wanted to be Irish so badly when in middle school b/c they wanted to wear a button that said "kiss me, I'm Irish" to school. Then my dad found out we were Irish and that made their little Irish eyes smile with delight!

    I don't subscribe to your blog b/c I have it bookmarked and I check back on it daily. But maybe I should look into that feedblitz site.

    I like interesting projects...like cards with innovative folds or openings. Popup cards...cards with special features...know what I mean?

    And if I do win...I'll be RAKing my Irish sisters some fancy St. Patty's Day cards!

  4. You do know that gremhog is my mama!

  5. Corned beef is awesome esp. with sauerkraut! I am 1/4 Irish...my maternal GM was married to a Scot so there was always lots of interesting "fights" on St. Pat's and William of Orange Day! Anyhoo, I feel like I have been visiting you forever...go Sprinkle! I believe I am subscribed through FeedBlitz but after finding Google Reader, I won't go back! Type of projects...? More Sprinkles...(JK)...whatever you do is fine by me!

  6. What pretty green candy!

    I don't really remember how I found your blog, but I know it was from someone else that links to you (sorry) and I have been reading it foe just a few weeks, I think. I don't subscribe but I do use Google Reader.

    I think the projects you have been doing are just perfect really - I just want more!

  7. found your blog linked on another blog a few weeks back-can't remember who!

    no i'm not a subscriber but i check my blog list every day

    just love looking at your cards-you do great work!

    great blog candy :)

  8. I love your blog and your cards are amazing. I especially like your Geisha card & Pink Cat Studio cat cards.

    Love the St Patrick's Day goodies. Must go with my Irish background.

    1. How you found my blog and how long you've been reading.
    I've been reading your blog for awhile now as I had it bookmarked.

    2. Are you an email subscriber to this blog? Just added you to my Google Reader

    3. What type of rojects/techniques you would like to see more of on this blog? I think your doing amazing cards now.

  9. I check your blog daily looking for inspiration. My art is more simple but I love to drool at your more intricate work.

    I found your blog on SCS (I think). I don't subscribe to your blog or know what a blog list is. I just have you along with 16 others bookmarked.

    Although I'm not Irish I married a Scottish/Irish man so I guess that's pretty close. We plan on drinking our green beer this year as always. So fun!

  10. I found your blog from Hope Stamps Eternal because she was reposting some unclaimed blog candy.... scrolled down & found out that you had been the winner! Did you know? I don't subscribe to your blog or others (feedblitz etc)- no particular reason though. A lot of stampers just have links and from there I browse! Your blog looks great as is :)

  11. Hi Julee! Pick me...pick me! I discovered your blog from the gallery at SCS! I was drawn in particular to all your creations made with the Cat's Pajama's stamps and the rest is history! I don't subscribe to your blog, but I do check it daily. I've set up a 'favorite blog' folder on my computer (both at home and at work) and just make it a daily habit (sometimes twice daily) to check in on my favorite bloggers.

    As far as what I would like to see...I'm already seeing it (or else you wouldn't be one of my favorite bloggers). :-) I really enjoy knowing the supplies that you used to make a project, specific instruction on how you did something (like how you explained how you make your homemade stickles, or did your doodles).


  12. hi julee!

    i found ur blog thru allison's blog. i love ur blog candy, cuz i was wondering what i would do for st. patrick's day this year!

    thanks!! =)

  13. Julee ~ Ohhhh you know I love everything and anything to do with Ireland and St. Patrick's Day! I'm even going to Ireland this September! Yeah!!!!
    Now to your questions:

    1. How you found my blog and how long you've been reading. (Newbies welcome!)

    I found your blog through a post you made on SCS...Thanks!!!
    2. Are you an email subscriber to this blog? (Feedblitz sign-up is on the sidebar)
    If no, do you use a blog reading service (Google Reader, Windows LiveFeeds, etc.)? Nope to all of the above...I make sure I visit your blog at least once a day. I go in withdrawels (?spelling?) when you don't post.
    3. What type of projects/techniques you would like to see more of on this blog?
    I love everything that you post on your blog...but love, love, love all the container projects...boxes and bags.
    Plus I love that you are a SIMS player. LOL

  14. My youngest son was born on St. Patrick's Day...

    I don't honestly remember how I found your blog... probably one night I was bored and was clicking on links on other blogs.

    I don't subscribe to blogs as I use Sage, a feed reader for Firefox.

    As far as what I'd like to see... I'm into anything you wanna show us LOL! Thanks for taking the time to share your creativity!

  15. Happy March! I am also in the latter group (well I am of Irish descent, but who isn't?) My husband however, lived in Ireland for 2 years .. and they celebrate St. Patrick's day in a completely different way than we Americans do (hey, we like to party!)
    I am brand new to your blog, I found it via Allison's blog. I keep on top of all of my blog browsing (which consumes probably too much of my time, but it's fun!) via Google Reader... so easy! Really, I just like to see what everyone else is up to in the stamping world.. it's fun to see how others are inspired. I like making cards most, but really want to get into more 3-d projects... and of course I have my husband's 2 years of Ireland pictures that I want to scrapbook ;)

  16. wow! Love all the green!

    Found you through Allison! I've only just started reading. I love new card folding techniques. I've heard of google reader haven't looked up what that is. Off to do that!



  17. I heard about your blog from Alison at StampWhenICan.

    Not a subscriber but got you on my Google Reader.

    I love reading blogs and see what everyone is doing and they always inspire me to try soemthing different.

    This is a perfect candy, esp. my bday is on St. Patty's day (hence the name). ;)

  18. 1. I think I found your blog by clicking on a link in splitcoast.
    2. I don't think so... I prefer to bookmark all my favorite blogs and then open them in tabs. I tried sage, but didn't like it.

    Keep up with what you've been doing ... I'm happy with your blog as is! :-)


  19. Jennifer (refinnej2)March 2, 2007 at 4:39 PM

    Hi there! Great green blog candy. I found your blog through Cindy Brockes. I don't subscribe because I don't get the whole subscribe thing but I do check it almost daily!! I love looking at the cards you design as inspiration!!


  20. I found your blog through the SCs bloggers club, and have been visiting for a few weeks, not I am not currently a subscriber but i do have you in my google reader.I would love to see more of what you are doing now your work is amazing!

  21. I just found your blog after viewing Cindys blog :) I have not yet subscribed, I'm sure I will though! I love projects, altered items, boxes, ect. Its always fun to see what other people are doing!

  22. WOO HOO! You're back among the blogging!!!!! I am part Irish.... my paternal great grandmother was full Irish. She married a Scot and they immigrated here. Her son married my grandmother who is the daughter of parents who have English and Scottish and Irish backgrounds. My mother is half German and her mother's family was English and French. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE corned beef!!!! Mmmmmmmm... leftovers as sandwiches on rye bread...... Of course, my German heritage comes out cuz I like my cabbage as SAURKRAUT! LOL!!!!! You figure out my Heinz 57 varieties! LOL! Here are my answers to your blog candy quiz......

    . How you found my blog and how long you've been reading. (Newbies welcome!) I got your blog from you during Stalking on SCS... I think I've been reading since you started!
    2. Are you an email subscriber to this blog? (Feedblitz sign-up is on the sidebar) YOU BETCHA!
    If no, do you use a blog reading service (Google Reader, Windows LiveFeeds, etc.)? I use whatever the blog I'm following uses! I'm also subscribed to several SCSers blogs via feedburner.....
    3. What type of projects/techniques you would like to see more of on this blog? I'd like to see Katie featured on a blog... surely she is creative also???? LOL! Other than that, ALTER SOMETHING FOR US! LOL!

  23. Hello, I am enjoying your blog. I found it on SCS.
    I just subscribed to your blog and I also have it bookmarked so I do check in everyday. I love seeing altered items or items other than cards from time to time.

    Your cards are great and l love seeing your new artwork.

    I love St. Pat's day too and I am irish.

    Your St. Pat's blog candy is so cool!


  24. Just discovered you today. I've been blog surfing and somehow ended up here LOL! You're in my faves now so I can keep coming back. You've posted some gorgeous work! I don't use a feed, I just save faves and spend my nights perusing blogs and galleries to see what others are creating, while watching tv, that is, if I'm not busy creating something myself!
    Love all the awesome cards you've done.

  25. I found this blog surfing at 2 AM-not sure how or why. Maybe a link in another blog as I also check out over 100 others.

    I signed up the first time I found it!

    I love small books, cards, and anything using Prima. I also would like to see some wedding stuff as I need to make a few things by the end of APril but nothing feminine. Son is marrying a try tom boy!

  26. Hi there! I can't remember how I found my way to your blog... I think probably from someone else's (I have a tendency to do that then can't find my way back!) I've been lurking for maybe 2 months now and don't use a subscribing service. I love seeing the new crafts you post here, so thank you so much for sharing!

  27. Saw your link on SCS - love your gallery there, too. Been coming here for a couple weeks. I have you on my Google Reader (those things are such handy tools and time-savers.) I like to go to blogs where I can learn something new.

  28. Hidy ho there Julee... YIPPEE SKIPPY St Patty's day. Welcome back to the land of blog. Did you get tremors and withdrawls while you were gone...LOL I know I would.

    I found your blog from the queen of all blog candy "ALLYSON".. isn't she the sweetest? And have been a subscriber since finding it about a week or so ago. I love what you do so I've been coming back daily.

    Quite frankly, I'm a technique junkie so I love it all. Keep 'er coming. You do an awesome job..

    Happy St' Patricks Day :)

  29. Love your blog and love St. Patrick's Day. This year I have an additional reason to celebrate this holiday. My one and only grandson will celebrate his first birthday with St. Paddy.
    I am a subscriber and have been for awile. I found you quite by accident on SCS. I'm not sure what I would like to see more of as you offer so many techniques. I love glitter, so maybe more qlitter projects. Thanks for sharing with us. linda

  30. Hello, Not quite sure who linked to you that sent me here. I've been reading your blog daily since beginning of Feb. sometime(?) I subscribed RIGHT away. Great blog!! Hmmmm...like to see?? Maybe just HOW your design process works...how you take thing just that "one step further" to get where you want to be??? I'm always looking for ways to improve and find my own style.
    Thanks for ALL the inspiration!!!!
    ~Lana B.~

  31. I can't remember exactly how I found your blog but I do know it was a link on someone else's blog.

    I was subscribing to your feed until I found Google Reader.

    As far as techniques go, I would like to see cards that mix various stamp sets. I'm bad about pulling out a set and thinking the entire card has to be limited to that set.

  32. I just found you through Allison's blog and I'm bookmarking your blog cause It's so inspiring. I also just signed up for your feedblitz (sp?).
    I love to see anything altered, especially using beautiful patterned papers.
    Claudia F.

  33. Count me in Jules!! So glad to see you are not SPAMMING anymore!! Bwahahahahaha
    I found your blog after we met on scs (like duh...u know that lol) Been reading ever since =)
    Yes, I subscribe =)
    I wanna see more of everything you do, I love the layah's and earthy colors, the cats, the asian, the EVERYTHING!!! You ROCK!! The Bestest in the Westest (cept for me of course bwahahahahahaha jk)

  34. I have been reading for about two weeks, I found your blog on SCS and I check it everyday as it is in my favourites

    I would like to see what you are doing now, ie new cards, new things you have been buying, I especially love the cats pajamas stamps would love to get some of these!! but living in UK makes this difficult, so I will live vicariously through your purchases instead!!!

  35. I've been reading your blog for some time now, can't remember how I found it, probably through Allison. I'm a subscriber and I like to see cards and gift items. Thanks, Rita

  36. That is great stuff! For the first question I don't honestly know how I found you. The first blog I found was HopArt Studio and from there it mushroomed out like crazy. I am subscribed to you through feedblitz and I am happy with the content you have already. I just love to see your cards and I like to hear personal thoughts too so I know a bit more about you!

    Thanks for being so generous with your time and resources to share with us!

  37. Yummy blog candy:) I found you thru Allison. I had never heard of feedblitz but will check into it. I did add you to my favorites though. I LOVE the St. Patrick's day card you created...these are the types of projects I love most. Just admiring cards & getting inspiration thru them.
    Linda SS

  38. Great blog candy! Let's see I just found the blog fron linking off another blog. I am an email subscriber and love all your projects! I love your use of decorative paper, it is very cool. Hmmm...more of, I don't know you do a great job already!!! Maybe more non-card projects.
    Geny C.

  39. 1) I don't remember how I found your blog, but it was most likely through a list of links on somebody else's blog since that's usually how I find new blogs to read. I've been reading occasionally since sometime in January, I think.

    2) I am not an e-mail subscriber, nor do I use a blog reading service. Reading blogs is something I do when I have the time, and I don't like the feeling I get with blog reading services that I'm falling behind if I don't read every post. I use a bookmarks list to keep track of blogs I read.

    3) I can't think of anything in particular that I'd like to see more of - I like the variety on your blog, and I like how specific you are when you describe techniques.

  40. I found your blog because I'm on SCS and have admired your work on there.
    I don't subscribe to blogs but i have many of them in my favorites so I can check them when i'm online.

    So far i've enjoyed all of the projects you've posted. so I just look forward to seeing what you'll do next.
    I'm Irish by marriage! with a last name that starts with 'Mc' it's pretty obvious!!!

  41. Hello,

    Wow! Your creations are very unique and beautiful. My favorite so far is the butterfly card. I found your blog by chance off of Stampin' Mama's blog. I clicked on a link there and it took me to you. :-)
    I do not subscribe to Feedblitz or service like it because I bookmark my favorites and check them almost daily.
    I am a technique junkie so any technique or project you share would make me happy.
    Thank you for sharing and your blog candy.
    ~Nancy Grant

  42. I have been reading you blog now for about 1 month. I do subscribe to it...I read it daily...sometimes more..yikes...I love Bella cards and Cuttlebug cards...and all of your other stuff too....
    Kristi Ferro

  43. It's NO BLARNEY! Your St. Patty's Day card ROCKS! We're ALL a bit Irish every year at this TIME!
    I have been reading your blog for a couple months now, it was linked to another blog I was reading and I just FELL in love here...so YES I am a subscriber, and cannot wait for your updates.
    Your work is SO cool and your instructions SO easy to follow.
    I love CARDS the most but am open to all kinds of paper crafting, I especially love NEW techniques!
    Thanks for ALL the inspiration and the COOLEST links like the cat stamps...
    Keep up the good WORK and "Erin Go Braugh" (Ireland Forever)!

  44. I might have a little Irish, but still do fun things for the kids for St. Pat's that really aren't Irish as much as they are green/shamrock related. I make them green eggs and ham (Dr. Seuss inspired), green punch with shamrock cookies that have green food coloring. I do like corned beef and cabbage and we do that, although there is NOTHING Irish about that meal! LOL! The Irish eat boiled bacon or something like that. Ü
    1. I just found your blog today from seeing your entry for the St. Pat card you made and posted on SCS
    2. I also just subscribed today. 3. I am always looking for fun papercraft gift ideas.

  45. I love your blog! I've been reading for about a month after being referred by my friend Lois. You are an amazing artist and I enjoy all of your projects. I also adore your header! I would love to see you continue to create and share and will continue to read as a subscriber as long as you post! Thank you! Rachele the papercraft addict!

  46. I'm not Irish...but know one but me has to know that on St. Patty's day...and if my mom & father had stayed married they would have been married 47 years on St. Patty's day this year!!! AACCKK!!
    On with my answers:
    I found your blog via My Inky Fingers (Cindy).
    I have now bookmarked your blog. And I love just viewing any amazing projects, cards that you care to post. I have had a great time looking over your previous posts.

  47. Hooray for the IRISH (I am, of course)! First time visitor to your blog -came from SCS. Love your use of color. Would love to see what you do w/ coasters. I'm just getting ready to try a book w/them. Great blog candy.
    Peggy Ann

  48. So, I tried to post the other day and I forgot my google password so it bumped me off!! I'm such a dork!

    I love your blog and have been subscribed for a month or so now. I found it from SCS, I love your work and have CASEd at least one of your cards and I think you may have CASEd one of mine at one point! We must have similar likes! I don't think I'm Irish but I'm so mixed up that I'm sure there's some small percentage in there somewhere!

    I don't know if I have any good blog post suggestions but my main search lately has been for quick, simple and CUTE cards which are sometimes rare to find. Not simply one layer cards but anything that's fairly quick and easy. It's not my style, I like to add, and add some more until my cards are usually too busy!!!

    Thanks so much for posting blog candy! So sweet of you!

    ~Rhonda Maynard~ AKA: manyblessings

  49. I am checking out your blog and wow do you have some cool stuff! I found you from Allison and I use Google Reader. I am very Irish and am loving your "green" candy! lol Thanks for sharing with us! Christine

  50. I just found your blog now..via charmaine who left a comment on my blog. Your blog and creations are outstanding and I'll be back! Just subscribed too. :)
    Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas with all of us! Smiles, Pam :)

  51. St Patricks Day stuff?? OH that is one holiday I don't actually have much stuff for so I NEED this blog candy!!

    My DH b-day is March 9 and his name is Patrick but he's Italian....go figure!!!

    I found your blog the first day you opened up shop....good for you!!

    I am a great big BLOG DORK!! I read yours and My Inky Fingers and have no idea how to subscribe or what a reading service even IS!!

    Show me what you have learned about watercoloring or was it Gamasol technique?


  52. If I post again, do I get another shot at that cool candy??


  53. Hi...Found you just today thru Inky Fingers. I browsed thru your blog & am impressed with your versitility. So many beautiful cards! You have been bookmarked:) What I mostly look for when I browse is new products that people are using, and how to use them. I love sparkle, texture, and dimension.
    Linda SS

  54. What wonderful blog candy, and it's all my favorite color! I only have 2 Irish friends, but what wonderful cards I could make! Anyways, I found your blog from SCS, I always check out the blogs from cards that I like.
    I do subscribe,for about a month or two, and I personally like just cards
    I use them the most!

  55. 1. How you found my blog and how long you've been reading. (Newbies welcome!)

    I found your blog through my friend Melissa she had a link to your blog on her blog! Just started reading and I love it!

    2. Are you an email subscriber to this blog? (Feedblitz sign-up is on the sidebar)
    If no, do you use a blog reading service (Google Reader, Windows LiveFeeds, etc.)?

    I bookmark my favorite blogs in my bookmarks.You are going in for sure!

    3. What type of projects/techniques you would like to see more of on this blog?

    Well I really love holiday cards are yours are really inspiring! I am of Irish decent even got the red hair and freckles to prove it!

  56. What fun and all those goodies up for grab. I found you on SCS and immediately signed up for your blog. Love your work. I enjoy the variety of projects you present and can't think of anything new to suggest. Just keep on with what you are doing now.

  57. I found you while checking things out at scs. I will be back everyday now. You are on my favorites.
    I'm loving what I have seen so far. Just keep up the great work.
    tfs, Michelle aka Freakykitty

  58. I have been reading this blog for 1 day, and I found out about it from Kimmie's blog. I have not signed up for the list yet, and I LOVE altered things, so any tutorial on those would be cool!

  59. Wow I just now discovered that you had a blog and I think it's awesome! Your cards are great, you have such an eye!

    1. I found your blog through your siggy line on SCS TONIGHT...shame on me for not noticing sooner!

    2. I didn't subscribe, but I did bookmark you!

    3. I like tutorials and anything fun and interesting! So far so good, but maybe a 3-d project here and there!

    Keep up the awesome work and here's to hoping I win!

  60. I have been reading your blog for quite some time so I don't remember how I got here...I'm just glad I found you. And with that the next answer is practically a given: Yes I'm a subscriber.

    What do I want to see more of? Well, I know you do this already, but I just can't get enough of Sprinkles! More Sprinkles! (The Cat's Pajamas) I want more Sprinkles!!!! I love that cat! And I LOVE what you do with her!!!

  61. Fun blog candy!
    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I use Google Reader - which is soooo awesome!

    I love your work already - would love to see more tutorials -- IF you have time! Your blog entry are always so detailed and informative!

  62. I found your blog awhile ago through SCS and I visit often. I'm not a subscriber - I just bookmark all my favorites and check them everyday. I love to see Cuttlebug creations and lots of unique color combos featured. Thanks for sharing.


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