Happy Mail!

Oh, lately I've been such a LUCKY girl in the RAK department! Here is a picture of the blog candy I won from Rachel at Hope Stamps Eternal. Along with the four stamps, she tucked in this beautiful card. I just love how she made the little ribbon blooms. It's amazing! Sometimes I think I get stuck in a rut with ribbon, and this has a whole new spin. Thanks Rachel!

I also received blog candy from Cindy over at My Inky Fingers. It included a very cool new Asian stamp with the Faith, Hope and Love characters. I just love it! Sorry, I'm too lazy to climb upstairs to get the stamp so I can take a picture of it for you - so you'll just have to take my word that it's really cool. LOL! I'll be posting a card using it soon enough, though! She also sent this stew pot pals card that I think is darling - I just love the colors of these sassy little beets! Cindy wrote that maybe if I stared at the card long enough I'd start to like my vegetables! BWAHAHAHAHA! I think if that worked, my mom would have tried that YEARS ago! :) Thanks so much Cindy!

Today, I also received a little surprise from my VSN Secret Vixen. Doesn't that sound like I've got a little someone on the side??? LOL! Anyways, she sent this gorgeous Delight in Life card. I love how the flowers are dangling from the cord. And she added some glitter for the flower centers, because she knew that I'm all about the sparkle! She also tucked in some patterned papers, ribbons and brads to play with. Hmmm... I wonder who she is?! I just NEED to know! :)


  1. It looks like those "lucky" cards you've been making are working for you! LOL Great gifts! Lucky you!

  2. great mail day! beautiful cards

  3. Yesterday the heading for your post was "You're in Luck"...I think "YOU" are the one in luck missy!! lol
    Congrats on all your goodies =)
    I am so happy you liked the stamp. I just knew it was totally you!

  4. oh my goodness...I just figured out it is YOU! You have made me dropped $$$ twice within the last week and I am...well...to put it nicely "tight" with my money. I HAVE to be. I work as an auditor for the government and it doesn't just land in my lap (like I WISH it would). Plus I have a daughter in med school and a son who is heading that direction. I just realized YOUR post last week had me head to the Green Grass stamps website to place an order and now I have spent even MORE money today at The Cat's Pajamas. (This is my 2nd order from them. I JUST LOVE Sprinkles.) So...I guess, you'll just have to keep making cards using stamps from those two companies so I can stay creative and use what I've bought.


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