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Is it proper to toot your own horn on your blog? Well, guess what - it's MY blog so I'm gonna! :) Allison over at Stampin When I Can named me the Inspiring Blog of the Week! She's got a really fun blog (and the most infectious smile I've ever seen!) - check her out at... http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com. Thanks Allison! I've got a cheshire cat grin on my face because of you!

To celebrate, (all good things are cause for celebration, right???) I ordered some more Cat's Pajamas stamps. (DH if you're reading...look the other way! Forget you ever saw this post! :) I just didn't think Cupid Sprinkle could be complete without the Lovestruck stamp, and that advertisement on SCS has me thinking about Cat's Pajamas all day long! I figured I should start thinking beyond Valentine's Day so here's a sneak peek of what you'll inevitably be seeing on my blog in the coming months! I've had several people ask me about my experience with Cat's Pajamas so I thought I would share...

The unmounted stamps at The Cat's Pajamas are just the red rubber image - no cushion. They are pretty deeply etched, though when I pulled my trusty ruler out it looks like the etching is about 1/16 inch less thick than Stampin Up stamps. Cat's Pajamas were my first unmounted stamps. I've been buying them unmounted because I can buy more that way. At first, I just used the rubber and Aleene's Tack It Over and Over glue with acrylic blocks. The images were just fine, though sometimes I needed to stamp on a mouse pad to get as dark an image as I wanted for Sprinkle and some of the other bold images. I tried mounting some other stamps I got with EZ mount and vinyl clings, but I really have a hard time getting the vinyl clings to stick to my acrylic blocks. No matter how clean they are, they just slide around, and especially they come off when I'm trying to clean the stamps with my Stamp-N-Scrub. Uggh!

Then I tried some rubber cushion that I got from Purple Onion Designs (yes, I AM a bit of an ENABLER!) and loved it. So I went back and mounted all my Cat's Pajamas stamps on it - still using the Tack It Over and Over (great stuff - got mine from JoAnn.com but you can get it at just about any craft store) and acrylic blocks. I've been so happy with my unmounted Cat's Pajamas stamps - and now that I've mounted them on the cushion I really can't tell a difference in the quality of the stamped image between Cat's Pajamas and Stampin Up. Pure stamping pleasure!


  1. I've ordered stamps from Michelle at Purple Onion Designs - back before my SU days! I put a LOT of trust in whatever she says works well, and if she says the red cushion is good, it's GREAT! My Purple Onion stamps didn't need any cushion, but my Eat Cake Graphics (adorable stamps, but they need cushion as they're quite thin) did and I too loved the red cushion.


  2. Can't wait to see what else you do with your new Cat's Pajamas stamps. I just received my Cat's Pajamas order in the mail yesterday (lots of Valentine's goodies) and I should be receiving my cushion from Purple Onion any day now (you had given me this advise in a thread I had started at SCS). Thanks for enabling me...I love the Cat's Pajamas images and you do so many cute things with them!

    Linda (aka LSN)

  3. Yay! New rubber is always fun - mounted or not! Have tons of fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!



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