New colors and new stamps!

Did you notice I did a little Spring blog cleaning over the weekend? Thought I would try to get in the mood for St. Patty's Day by changing my banner and doing some much needed tweaking to my template. What do you think of the colors? March is a short season, so if you hate them, just know they'll be gone soon enough! LOL! As an added feature, I've added links on the sidebar to my cards sorted by stamp company. Feel free to check them out, as they link to posts that include a flash slideshow of many cards not featured on this blog. I also finally went in and edited the template so that if you're drilled down into a particular post, you can just click the banner to take you back to the main blog page! Woohoo! I haven't forgotten all my web design tricks after 5 months off!

Thanks to all who left links to websites for stamp companies. I have enjoyed looking at them and will be updating my shopping links within the next couple weeks. After many hours of Internet shopping I finally gave in to my Cat's Pajamas weakness and ordered 14 new stamps, which will hopefully arrive this week. With my remaining Valentine's money I bought the 27 prismacolor pencils I needed to complete my collection of the 60 colormatches to Stampin Up colors! I ordered from Dick Blick, which at $0.92 per pencil was the cheapest I've found them anyplace. I can't wait for them to come - "bouquets of sharpened pencils" - what could be better? Anyone still reading and know what movie I'm quoting? :)


  1. I can't think of the movie title right now, but I know that it is the one with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan where they're in New York (and she owns the book shop...The Little Shop Around the Corner). I can remember the details, but for the life of me can't remember the name of the movie. Must be the fact that it is not quite 7:00 AM and I still haven't had my morning anything....



    I love the theme of things on the blog Jules...Love the Green...its such a nice green too...not like an icky green! hee hee

    Like the slide show too...ur just so smart huh? You wanna fix all my blog when you come over? THANKS!


  3. FOURTEEN new CP stamps???? There are 14 YOU DON'T HAVE YET???? LOL!

    I like the Irish theme....

    Linda, that would be "You've Got Mail"... LOVE that movie......


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